Health Benefits of Trampolines

5 Ways Trampolines Can Make Your Mind and Body Healthier

Trampolines aren’t just for kids. Regular bouncing can provide many health benefits for people of all ages. In fact, according to the Journal of Applied Physiology, rebounding is 68% more effective than going for a jog. How can your backyard trampoline help you live a healthier lifestyle?

  • Improves Immunity by Boosting the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system directly influences your body’s ability to protect itself from illness. It relies on muscle and joint activity to do its job. Jumping on trampolines gets the system moving so that it can remove toxins and waste. Rebounding is a great way to improve lymphatic function.

  • Less Risk of Impact-Based Injury While Exercising

Trampolines provide a way to exercise with a lower risk of impact-based injury. Jogging is good for you, but it can be hard on your joints. Each time your foot hits the ground, there is an impact that can cause injury to the hips, knees, or ankles.

Rebounding doesn’t put as much pressure on your bones and joints. The impact is lessened by the elasticity of the mat, which reduces your risk of impact injury.

  • Develops Better Coordination and Balance

You may have trouble staying upright on a trampoline at first. As you practice, you will notice that you’re more in control. That’s because your coordination and balance are improving. Regular workouts on trampolines can teach you how to stay upright in other situations.

Unexpected movements can cause you to lose your balance. Your body must learn to re-balance before you land on the mat again. You will become more adept at predicting body movements and learn how to recover faster.

  • Reduce the Appearance of Varicose Veins

Did you know that trampolines can help get rid of varicose veins? Regular sessions will increase your circulation. This reduces pressure on your veins as well as inflammation and pain. This is especially important for people who live sedentary lives or work in professions that require a lot of sitting.

  • Lifts Your Mood for Improved Mental Health

Trampolines can improve your mental health. The feeling of weightlessness inspires feelings of freedom and excitement. Endorphins are released, which naturally lift your mood. Bouncing produces adrenaline, which stimulates the nervous system. It can also trigger a release of serotonin to assist with mood regulation.

Rebounding exercise comes with many health benefits. Contact Topline today to learn more about available models. We can help you find Australian-made trampolines that fit your budget and your lifestyle.

How to Find the Best Trampoline for Sale in Australia

Why should you trust Topline Trampolines?

We Don’t Just Sell Trampolines – We Make Them

Selling is one part of what we do. We are a real trampoline manufacturer. In an industry where over 95% of the product is imported, Topline is a rare find. Our large rectangle trampolines are made in our factory in Brisbane.

We have spent 60 years in the business, which gives us unique insight and knowledge that we pass on to our customers. We can provide advice for setup, use, and storage. If you have a question, we are here to help. You get to shop the best trampolines for sale and enjoy the benefits of expert-level service.

Imported models may not be made to the standards Australians expect.

Topline Trampolines is Australian-owned. We are a legitimate business that has been around for decades. You can buy with confidence when you shop the best trampolines for sale from a local manufacturer.

Topline and Replacement Parts

We are concerned about the long-term care of your trampoline. We want every customer to get the most out of their purchase. That’s why we sell models with replacement parts. You can come to us when your mat wears out or when you need new springs.

Our prices are competitive, and you get the same high-quality products that you receive when you buy a new trampoline with us. We have replacement mats for rectangle, and Olympic trampolines.

Topline’s Trampolines Come with a Warranty

We build our trampolines to last. Just in case you have a problem, we also include a warranty with your purchase. Our pro jumbo and Olympic rectangle trampolines come with five years of frame protection. We also have warranties that cover jumping mats, spring pads. Check the individual product for warranty duration and information.

The Best Trampolines for Sale Are Right Here in QLD

It’s easier than ever to find the best trampolines for sale in QLD. Topline has served Australian customers for years. Let us show you our newest models or help you find the replacement parts you need to keep your current trampoline bouncy. Give us a call today or stop by to talk to a trampoline expert.

10 Fun Facts About Trampolines

10 Fun Facts About Trampolines

Anyone who has ever climbed onto a backyard trampoline knows how much fun they can be. While you are out there enjoying your favourite activity, think about these fun facts that make trampolines even more interesting!

  • Trapeze Artists Were the Inspiration for Trampolines

Trampolines were invented in 1936 by George Nissen and Larry Griswold. The pair were inspired by trapeze artists, or more specifically, the safety nets they used. The prototype was constructed using tyre inner tubes and scrap steel.

  • The First Trampoline Was Promoted with a Kangaroo

To help market their creation, Nissen and Griswold rented a live kangaroo. They set up their invention in Central Park, New York City and used a kangaroo as part of the demonstration. Nissen found that if he jumped on one side of the trampoline while the animal stood on the other, it would bounce as well. We’re still not sure how the roo felt about it.

  • Trampolines Can Make Your Eyes Stronger

Did you know that jumping can strengthen your eyes? Bouncing on a trampoline applies increased G-force. Regular jumping can help strengthen eye muscles and ocular nerves. This type of physical activity also stimulates cells to restore the shape and function of eye lenses.

  • Trampolining is an Olympic Sport

Trampolining became an official Olympic sport during the 2000 Games in Sydney. There is a men’s and a women’s individual event. Competitors are judged based on their performance and height reached.

  • The Record for Continuous Bouncing is 53 Days

The record for continuous bouncing was set by a six-person team from Cleveland State University’s Delta Epsilon fraternity in 1986. The group managed to keep bouncing for a total of 53 consecutive days. The team received a congratulatory phone call from frat alumnus and U.S. president Ronald Reagan.

  • The Highest Trampoline Bounce Was 670 cm

The highest bounce was achieved by brothers Sean, Eric, and T.J. Kennedy. The siblings earned a Guinness World Record by reaching a height of 670 cm (22 feet). Their amazing feat was recorded and broadcast on the TODAY show.

  • The World’s Largest Trampoline Measures 5,852 Square Metres

The world’s largest trampoline can be found at Flip Out in Glasgow, Scotland. It consists of smaller trampolines installed together to create a 5,852 square metre (63,000 square foot) bouncing surface.

  • The Record for Most Backflips in a Minute is 49

Lucas Laurent holds the record for most trampoline backflips in one minute with a total of 49. He managed to perform nearly one backflip per second. He was recorded breaking the record in Ballerup, Denmark on April 18th, 2017.

  • Jumping on a Trampoline Can Help Fight Osteoporosis

Jumping on a trampoline is good for your body – especially your bones! Regular trampolining increases bone density and can help maintain bone mass in older adults. This helps prevent osteoporosis.

  • The Most People to Jump Simultaneously Was 375

Could you imagine jumping with hundreds of other people? A group from the U.K. set the record at 325 people in 2015. That record was recently broken by the Geylang Serai Community Sports Club in Singapore when they did the same with 375 people.

Trampolines are a great way to get exercise and have a good time. Check out Topline Trampolines to see the newest Aussie-made models and to find out which range is best for you.

EOFY SALE! Selling our surplus Enclosure Boxes (complete, net, metal posts, foam tubes, clamps)

$ 99.00   – Please phone us (07) 55940146

Available from  8 ft – 15ft  Round, but please check before you purchase:

– Check your existing trampoline size, measure the frame diameter, edge of frame across to edge of frame

– Check how many legs your trampoline has; if ours below do not match it will not work

– Check the distance between your trampoline legs

Whole Enclosure  # of Posts  Distance  between  Legs/Posts! Number of Legs  it can fit Body Weight Capacity
8ft Round   6   120 cm    3 sets of U shaped legs 70kg
10ft Round   8   117 cm  4 sets of U shaped legs 90kg
12ft Round   6    186 cm  6 sets of U shaped legs 110kg
14ft Round   12    111 cm  6 sets of U shaped legs 110kg
15ft Round   12    120 cm  6 sets of U shaped legs

Enclosure Boxes include:

– Full PE Mesh Netting surround, with a zipper for entry/exit, green pvc sleeves which slide over the steel posts. 

– Galvanised steel posts that go all the way to the ground: 28 mm diam x 1.2mm thick. These clamp to the leg of your existing trampoline

– Foam tubing that slides over steel post

– Clamps for attaching post to leg of trampoline

 Available Sizes

  • Topline 8 ft – 6 post sleeves 120cm apart
  • Topline 10 ft – 8 post sleeves 117cm apart
  • Topline 12 ft – 6 post sleeves 186cm apart
  • Topline 14 ft – 12 post sleeves 111cm apart
  • Topline 15 ft – 12 post sleeves 120cm apart.

To accurately measure, go from the middle of tube to middle of tube, see arrow.



Trampolines for Sale – The Topline Difference

Here at Topline, our trampoline designs are centred around the needs of our customers. Our trampolines for sale are Australian-made, designed uniquely here in Australia for quality you can trust. We understand that trampolines are an investment for your family, so keep reading to find out why Topline assures a high standard of safety and performance.


Why Aussie-made Topline Trampolines for sale are the best option for you and your family

Here at Topline, we have 50 years experience in supplying top quality trampolines to Australians nation-wide. Our expertise ensures that you receive the best quality, for an excellent price.  Furthermore, we back our own products with an extensive warranty. All of the trampolines for sale that we manufacture are designed with our customers in mind. From the tough Australian climate to the day-to-day wear and tear any trampoline must withstand, we have created our trampolines to last. This ensures that you receive great value for your money.

How topline takes the stress out of trampoline shopping

We deliver straight to your home address! Our private retail outlet and showroom is open to our customers 5 days a week, so there is no need for you to battle busy car parks or shopping centres to decide which one of our excellent trampolines suit your family. As a trampoline is a considerable investment for any family, it’s imperative you’re able to make an informed decision.

Why our top quality trampolines guarantee you peace of mind

Topline Trampolines are a family-owned, Australian based company. As our top quality trampolines are made to last your family in Australian conditions, purchasing a Topline Trampoline prevents excessive replacement costs or rapid wear and tear.

Our experts are available to answer queries or questions regarding our trampolines for sale in Australia. Contact Topline Trampolines at (07) 55940146 today!

What Makes Topline the Best Trampolines Sydney and Beyond?

The easiest way to find the best trampolines Sydney wide is to shop with Topline. Our service focuses on the needs of the customer. We want to make the process as convenient as possible while providing high-quality products that you can use for years. Why should you consider coming to us for your next trampoline?

We Come with 50 Years of Industry Experience

Our staff know the industry, as our company has been in operation for 50 years. We have learned a lot in that time, including what makes a great trampoline. We can provide advice for an existing model or recommend products that will meet your bouncing needs.

We’ll Bring Your Trampoline to You

Transporting a trampoline home can be difficult, especially if you own a smaller vehicle. Let us organise the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to! We offer Australia-wide delivery that includes both metropolitan and rural areas. Buy your Topline trampoline today and let us bring it home for you.

We Are an Australia-Based, Family-Owned Company

We’re an Australia based family owned company with our factory and warehouse located in Molendinar, QLD, and we ship Australia-wide!  That means we know what suits the Aussie lifestyle and are just a phone call away. Wherever you are in Australia simply call our team to talk to an expert or jump onto our website to view our large range. Let us know what you are searching for, and we’ll help you find the best trampolines Sydney, Brisbane and beyond!

We Care About Your Safety & Satisfaction

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priority. We are very selective about the products we carry. We want you to get the most use possible out of them. You are always welcome to call us or stop by to discuss safety concerns and more.

We back our products up with warranties so that you can feel confident about your trampoline purchase. Our Olympic rectangle and pro jumbo models include a five-year warranty on the frame. All round trampolines come with a 2-year frame warranty. Green PVC pads and netting for enclosures come with a 6-month warranty while black jumping mats come with a 2-year warranty. Contact us to learn more about which warranties apply to the parts or model you are interested in.

The Best Trampolines Sydney Wide

The best trampolines Sydney and beyond are models that are made in Australia. Let us help you find the perfect equipment for your backyard. Our experts are available to answer questions or provide insight into safety, set up, maintenance, and home delivery. Contact Topline Trampolines at (07) 55940146 now to learn more.

Understanding Trampoline Mats and Other Essential Parts

A new trampoline can be lots of fun! Once you assemble it, your equipment will be ready to go. Over time, parts can begin to weaken, become damaged, or fail. No matter how high-end your model is, you will eventually have to take steps to keep it performing at optimum levels. The first step is to familiarise yourself with trampoline mats, springs, netting, and other essential parts that may need to be replaced.

Trampoline Mats

The trampoline mat is a woven surface that covers the top of the trampoline. This is the fabric that you jump on each time you use it. If this part develops holes, tears, snags, or excessive wear, you may need to buy a replacement.

Trampoline Pads

Trampoline pads are another important part that is necessary for safety. Also known as a spring pad, this component is made of a lightweight, heavy-duty material that covers the springs. It sits on top of the springs and frame, surrounding the mat area. The pad is required to prevent bouncers from landing on the springs and getting pinched or injured. They also add fun colour to your backyard.

Springs and Wires

The springs and wires are used to connect the mat to the frame. They provide that fun bounce and help protect your body when using the trampoline. This occurs through slowed energy transfer. The springs slow the way energy is absorbed by the body when you jump, reducing the risk of injury. That’s why you should always use springs that are long enough and made with high-quality materials.


Many households add netting to their trampoline as a safety precaution. This is recommended for young children. Supports extend up from the frame to secure a layer of strong netting. This helps catch bouncers so that they don’t fall off the trampoline.

Other Replacement Parts

Other parts are necessary to construct a trampoline, including steel tubes, leg extensions, and “T” junction parts. If you have questions or notice problems with yours, let us know.

The experts at Topline bring over 50 years in the business. We can answer questions and guide you to the best replacement parts at low prices. Whether you need trampoline pads, mats, netting, or springs, we can help. Call us at (07) 55940146 or browse our online range for more information.

Why Are More People Choosing to Get Fit with An Australian-Made Trampoline Melbourne and Beyond?

Why Are More People Choosing to Get Fit with An Australian-Made Trampoline Melbourne and Beyond?

Finding better ways to get and stay fit can be challenging. That’s why more households are adding a trampoline Melbourne wide. Topline Trampolines are perfect, as they are high-quality and Australian made! What’s more, you can browse a wide range online, and your purchase can be shipped Australia-wide. Daily workouts are great, but they can become monotonous. A boring exercise routine can cause motivation to wane. That’s where trampolines come in. They keep things interesting and help you stay in great shape! Why should you consider adding one to your home gym or backyard?

Trampolines Improve Lymphatic Flow

Jumping on a trampoline can improve your body’s lymphatic flow. This system consists of organs and tissues that help remove waste and toxins. It relies on conscious body movement to function. Each time you use your trampoline, you’re making lymphatic valves open and close. Rebounding will keep your system operating at optimum levels.

Increases Bone Mass & Strengthens Structure

Did you know that bouncing on a trampoline can increase your bone mass? Studies have found that the increased G force experienced while on a trampoline strengthens bone structure. This can help prevent osteoporosis and other similar conditions. It also fortifies your tendons, ligaments, and joints so that you are less likely to develop some types of arthritis.

Helps Release Stress in a Healthy Way

The combined mental, physical, and emotional effects of bouncing on a trampoline can have a powerful impact on your stress levels. A light bouncing session will increase circulation that helps loosen muscle tension. It also causes endorphins to be released. Many people are trying a  trampoline Melbourne wide as a better way of dealing with daily stress.

Improves Your Posture & Balance

Regular bouncing sessions can improve your posture and balance. The strengthening effects give you more control over your body. Jumping will also stimulate the vestibule in your middle ear which improves balance.

A Fun Activity That’s Always Exciting!

A workout won’t help much if you get bored and stop doing it. Trampolines are always exciting and add instant fun to your daily routine. They come with a long list of health benefits, so every bounce is helping you get and stay fit. Combine with other types of workouts to maximise your results.

Where Can I Find the Best Trampoline Melbourne Has to Offer?

If you’re ready to take your fitness regimen to the next level, you need a trampoline. Topline makes it easy to find the right model based on your needs and space limitations. Contact one of our experts to learn more about available models and their features. We’ll show you the best trampoline Melbourne and Australia-wide so that you can stay healthy the fun way!

Trampolines Inground vs. Above Ground: Which is the Best for My Family?

Trampolines are a fun way to stay fit and entertain the whole family. If you are thinking about adding one to your backyard, you’re in luck. There are many models available. The first thing to consider is whether trampolines inground are better than above ground for your household!

What Is an Inground Trampoline?
When you think about trampolines, you probably envision one that is above ground. This would be a model that is set up on the ground so that you can see the entire frame – including the legs. The mat is elevated so that bouncers have to climb onto it. It’s relatively easy to set up and requires no additional excavating or landscaping.
If you want to use trampolines inground, then you will need to dig a pit. This should be at least 1 meter deep with adequate drainage to prevent water from pooling inside. You will also need to construct a retaining wall around the sides. Once it is set up, you can walk onto the mat without climbing up onto the frame because it sits at ground level.

Setting Up the Trampoline
To set up an above-ground model, you’ll need a level space with no obstacles. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and you’re ready to bounce.
Inground trampolines will require more setup. Once you have dug a pit, you will need to line it with a sturdy retaining wall that’s at least 120 mm wide. This keeps dirt from falling in and will support the fame, which will be bolted onto the wall.

How Does the Trampoline Look?
When it comes to aesthetics, inground trampolines are a definite winner. The extra work pays off because the equipment has a lower profile. It blends better with its surroundings and looks more inviting. You can work in decorative landscaping near or around the trampoline to add even more visual appeal.

Trampoline Safety & Performance
Trampolines inground win when it comes to overall safety. There’s more freedom when stepping on to the mat or dismounting. Children will feel less intimidated than they do climbing onto an above ground setup. Proper safety precautions should be applied no matter how you install your trampoline. There’s always the risk of falling. However, an inground model can reduce the risk of height-related injuries.

If you have questions, we are here to help. Contact Topline Trampolines at (07) 55940146 or visit our showroom in Molendinar, QLD to talk to an expert.

Brand New “SKIPPY” Trampoline

Here at Topline Trampolines we have been working hard and have created a brand new trampoline model called ‘Skippy’. This model is a smaller gymnastics trampoline and is 100% Australian made right here in our factory on the Gold Coast.

There is nothing else like it in Australia, so get in quick as there are limited numbers currently available!

‘Skippy’ is the perfect trampoline for families and children of all ages! The only difference is the size, it will still give you the superior bounce of a gymnastics trampoline.

The ‘Skippy’ trampoline is available with either the black poly mat or the yellow 2 string mat and comes inclusive with marine carpet pads.

'Skippy' Yellow 2 String Mat'Skippy' Black Poly

‘Skippy’ Trampoline Specs

Frame Size  

346 x 240 cm Approx

Mat Size

10 x 6 ft  (3.0 x 1.83m)


Black Poly Mat with Marine Carpet Pads: $1,800

Yellow 2 String Mat with Marine Carpet Pads: $2,900


Christmas is just around the corner and this ‘skippy’ trampoline is the perfect gift for the whole family, something everyone can enjoy! We can make your Christmas shopping the easiest it’s ever been as we deliver Australia wide, straight to your door.  Make sure you get your order in now as we currently only have limited stocks available of ‘skippy’.

Contact our friendly team on 07 5594 0146 and order your brand new ‘skippy’ trampoline today.