Bounce Your Way Into Fitness

Finding exercise that you actually love and enjoy can be a grueling task. If you’re still searching for that one true love, we may have a solution for you. Have you ever considered using a trampoline for exercise? Not only is it actually efficient, working various muscle groups, but it’s a whole lot of fun too! And it has a lot less impact on your bones and joints than other forms of exercise, such as running.

Here are a few different ways that you can incorporate your trampoline into your workout routine:

Simple Bouncing

Just jumping on a trampoline alone is a great form of movement, allowing your body to burn calories. The higher you go, the more energy you are using. Not only does it burn calories, but each time you bounce up and down your muscles react, helping with balance.

Move, move, move! 

If simple bouncing can burn calories, think of all the extra energy you can expel by doing a little dance each time you bounce! Twist, kick, hug your knees, bounce to the beat of music – do whatever movement you want before returning to the straight, upright position for landing.

Jog and Jump

Jog on the spot while bouncing up and down. If you gradually increase your speed and height, this will give you the best workout.

Trampolines can provide a great form of exercise, blending balance and movement. It’s sure to get your heart pumping!

If you’d like to check out our range of trampolines, feel free to give us a buzz. We are always happy to help!

Hop Into Autumn With A Round Trampoline

We hate to be the ones to bring it up… but summer is coming to an end. Luckily as Aussies we don’t have to worry about the impending doom of freezing temperatures.

With trampoline-appropriate weather for most of the year, it only makes sense to treat yourself to a round trampoline this Autumn! It’s sad to see summer go, but keeping active and having fun doesn’t have to stop.

An added bonus is that cooler weather means you won’t get too hot and sweaty on your trampoline, so you can keep jumping to your heart’s content.

Trampolines are also a great after-school activity to keep the kids active throughout the year. And make sure to accentuate your trampoline with netting so that everyone participating in the bouncing fun stays safe!

At Topline Trampolines, we have various sizes and enclosures to guarantee you’ll end up with the perfect trampoline. We’ve identified the best value round trampolines, so you can expect quality.

We are available all year round to help out with anything trampoline related. If you find yourself needing replacement parts or new accessories please contact us today and we will get you sorted.

Feel The Love With Trampolines This Valentines Day

It’s that time of year again… Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re looking for something a bit different to do with the person you love this year, look no further. You know what they say… trampolines are the vehicle of love! (They say that, right?)

1. Have fun this Valentine’s Day at a trampoline park. You can jump around, off walls, do a few flips here and there all while making fun memories with the person you love! And once you’ve fallen in love with trampolines, give us a ring. We can sort you out with your very own trampoline.

2. What’s better than an outdoor movie night? You don’t need to join the crowds at an outdoor cinema when you can make your very own on your trampoline. Just grab your laptop, iPad, or whatever portable screen you have and deck your trampoline out for the ultimate movie night under the stars! Throw on some pillows and blankets, load up on snacks and you’ll be in for an incredible night. If this sounds good, but you aren’t equipped with a good ol’ trampoline, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can get you sorted!

3. Looking into purchasing a trampoline but not confident on how to use it, or what type you’re after? Why not take your date to a trampoline lesson to learn all of the skills you’ll need once you’ve got your own! You can learn all the ins and outs, the latest tricks, and any safety tips required for trampolining. Mixing education and fun is totally in this year.

4. If you already have plans but are looking for the ultimate gift that says, “I love you,” what better gift than a trampoline? It’s the gift that keeps on giving as our range of products are top quality and will be there to make memories for you and your partner for a long time coming. You can’t go wrong!

We’re all about spreading the love here at Topline Trampolines. We’ve been helping make memories in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond for around 50 years – so why not start making some this Valentine’s Day?

Facts You Didn’t Know About Topline Trampolines

Buying a trampoline is no easy task – Whether it be deciding which type to buy and who to buy it from, there’s a lot of time and effort that goes into it. That’s why, we’ve put together five facts you didn’t know about Topline Trampolines, that will help you get to know us before making the big decision.

1. We have been in the biz for around 50 years

Since we’ve been in the industry for around 50 years, we like to think we know a thing or two when it comes to trampolines! We have a long history of supplying high quality, top of the range trampolines to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond!

2. We deliver Australia-wide!

Do you live in a small, country area and have difficulty with home delivery? Fear not – we deliver Australia wide, INCLUDING ALL country areas and metropolitan cities.

3. We manufacture TWO of our very own trampolines

Did you know that 95% of trampolines are imported? But why spend top dollar on an imported trampoline when you can purchase one of our high quality, Aussie-made trampolines? We currently offer TWO Rectangular Olympic Trampolines: Olympic Standard and Pro Jumbo.

4. We are based in Molendinar, QLD

Gold Coasters will be happy to know that we are based in Molendinar, and YES, you can pick up your trampoline from our factory there.

5. We are a family business

We are very proud to be a family owned and operated unit, and maintain the values of safety first and top quality customer service through our whole business.

Make Your Trampoline The Highlight of Summer

Summer is well and truly upon us, and with the school holidays soon coming to a close, now is the time to get the kids outdoors to make the most of the sunshine, get away from TV screens (and phone screens, and iPad screens…) and get active!

A trampoline from Topline Trampolines is just the thing to have fun and get fit at the same time! Not only are our trampolines high quality and Australian-made, they are fun for the whole family!

Not sure which trampoline is best for you? Here’s what you need to know before making the big decision:

Round Trampolines

As the name suggests, these trampolines are circular and just so you know – they can be purchased with or without the netting. These are the perfect complement for your backyard swing set and come in various sizes to suit your spatial needs varying between 10ft and 15ft. Keep in mind – most trampoline brands these days are imported with spare parts being limited. However, all Topline Trampolines have spare parts readily available.

Rectangle Olympic Trampolines

Our Rectangle Olympic Trampolines are suitable for those who do competition trampolining or simply families who want a quality, long-lasting trampoline for fun family time! We’re super proud to say that we manufacture TWO of our very own rectangular trampolines: Olympic (an Olympic standard Aussie trampoline) and Pro Jumbo (a similar trampoline that is VERY bouncy). 

In-Ground Olympic Trampolines

For these ground-level trampolines, you will have to build your own pit AND VERY sturdy retaining wall. We ask that you arrange quotes and construction from your local Builder or Landscape Gardener. The weight capacity of these trampolines is 150kg.


Five Unconventional Ways To Use Your Trampoline

Have your flown the coup and you’re left with their childhood trampoline in your backyard and don’t know what to do with it? Well, don’t worry any longer, we’ve got you covered with Five Unconventional Ways To Use Your Trampoline:

1. Date night star-gazing

Your trampoline is the perfect setting for a post-dinner star gazing with your significant other. All you need is to treat yourself with some chocolate or ice-cream and the night sky would make the ideal backdrop.

2. Backyard camping

If you’ve got a spare mattress lying around or even a yoga mat, why not set up a bed on your trampoline in the backyard? What better way to wake up breathing in the fresh morning air and wake up with the sun? All you need is a few cosy blankets and a good book and you’ll be sound asleep in no time.

3. Get creative with chalk art

Are you tired of the kids drawing on the living room walls? Well you can instead channel their creative side in the outdoors by providing some simple pieces of chalk to draw on your trampoline mat. This is one way to give your Topline Trampoline a unique look!

4. Find your inner peace with yoga

A trampoline mat makes for a forgiving setting to test out some new yoga poses. You’ll be able to push your body to its limits and if all else fails – just take a nap!

5. Brighten up your backyard with some fairy lights

Invite the neighbours over for a backyard BBQ and create some mood lighting with pretty little fairy lights around the trampoline frame and netting. This will add a little sparkle to your night!

How To Make The Most Of Your Trampoline With Replacement Parts

Has your trampoline suffered a bit of wear and tear, but you don’t want to invest in a whole new one?

Luckily, Topline Trampolines offers the replacement parts you need to keep jumping through to the New Year!

Here are a few key replacement parts we have on offer to keep your trampoline in tip-top shape:


With both round and rectangular nets available, we’ve got you covered when it comes to both regular and Olympic trampolines. We offer replacement nets that are safe, functional and inexpensive, so you can keep the pennies in your pocket – especially at this costly time of year!

Spring Pads

Not only do spring pads offer some protection from injury, they give the trampoline a pop of colour – which only adds to the fun! Round spring mats are available in both light and heavy duty material, to ensure you’ve got the right coverage for your trampoline. And for rectangular trampolines, we offer Aussie-made Marine Carpet as well as PVC Heavy Made pads. With pads available in grass green and sky blue, your trampoline is sure to make a colourful canvas of your backyard.


Isn’t it a pain when your trampoline has a few springs that have lost that brand-new bounce? Well now your trampoline will be as good as new will our replacement springs – that come in packs of TEN no less! This should keep a spring in your step, even in Summer!




Our Trampolines Last!

It’s a great thrill for us when someone says our trampolines are wonderful. Manufactured in Australia with the best materials, they’re built to last (and they’re backup up with a great warranty and parts).

My son has a disability and jumps on his trampoline for hours every day to relieve stress. He is 19 years old and around 100kgs. I have purchased spring free and every other gimmick type of trampoline on the market and the frames could not stand up to the constant use and all failed.

I have had a Topline Trampoline (Rectangle Olympic) for 2 years now and the frame shows no sign of wear at all. Finally a tramp frame that has stood up to what the supplier tells us on the website.”

Name withheld

Give The Gift Of Bouncing This Christmas

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this Christmas, tis’ the season to be jolly and everyone deserves to experience the joy that a Topline Trampoline brings..

The trampoline offers something for everyone — your energetic preschooler, your gymnast-wannabe, or parents who want their kids doing something besides playing video games. Did we mention they don’t run on batteries?! They won’t go out of style as soon as the latest version is launched, and they’re simply irresistible. A trampoline is the perfect Christmas gift for the entire family, building memories with every bounce.

If you aren’t already convinced, here’s 5 reasons you should give the gift of bouncing this Christmas:

Great Gift for Multiple Kids

As if the holiday season isn’t already expensive and stressful enough, Christmas gifting can become even more heavy on the wallet when buying for multiple children. Why not kill two birds with one stone and purchase a tramp fit for an entire family. Cost effective, fair and fun!

Usable All Year Round

Deflating the blow up pool and packing away the slip and slide at the end of each Summer can be a little depressing, especially when the kids are begging you to let them continue playing, (despite the 5 degree temps). Trampolines can be set up once and left to enjoy all year round! They won’t go off, won’t go out of fashion and aren’t temperature sensitive – perfect.

Shop Local

Here at Topline Trampolines, we are Aussie Made, Aussie owned, compliant and insured. We are a family business scanning 50 years experience and can guarantee top product quality to take the risk out of buying dodgy gifts that have you lining up at the returns desk on Boxing Day.

Layby & Delivery Available

Take your time to pay off this Christmas gift in the comfort of your own home by simply by ordering and placing a deposit over the phone. Located on the Gold Coast,Topline offers layby and delivery anywhere in Australia! This means no shopping centre car park fights and no packing your Chistmas shopping into our car like a game of tetris – yay!!

Keepin’ It Healthy

A trampoline in your backyard may be just the thing to encourage your kids (and you) to get active! The benefits of bouncing are well documented; not only can it improve fitness, it can increase flexibility, coordination, balance and confidence.


5 Reasons Why Jumping Kids Are Healthier, Happier Kids

Keep the kids happy this Spring..

The birds are chirping, the flowers are in full bloom and the sun’s rays are warming our backyards. But how do we keep that energetic spring in our children’s step and stop them from sitting like a zombie in front of a computer screen?

Swap technology for some outdoor trampolining!  It is not only a healthy form of exercise but a fun-filled way to enjoy the day in the fresh air and feel good!

At Topline Trampolines, we pride ourselves on our products providing physical, health and educational benefits which, in turn, lead to a much happier child.

Here’s 5 Reason why jumping kids are healthier, happier kids:

It Gets Them Outdoors

Researchers have found that children who spent from five to 10 hours a week outdoors have a stronger sense of self-fulfillment and purpose than those who don’t.

Healthy Heart

Jumping is a cardiovascular exercise and gives the heart a healthy and organic workout. Healthy heart = happy heart 😊

Improved Coordination of the Body

Jumping helps kids understand their body better. Both sides of the brain and body work together to maintain balance and coordination. They develop better coordination overall and lead a rewarding life.

Puts Them in a Better Mood

It’s a fact that exercise affects chemicals in your brain and those can change how you feel. Kids who trampoline get more energy, feel better and stay calmer.

Improved Learning

Jumping is fun, period. And with happiness comes the ease of learning. The presence of a mood-enhancing substance that gets produced when kids jump, gives them a grasp of things easier and often results in excelled learning.


How We Build Our Topline Trampolines