DIY Your Old Trampoline

Have you just upgraded to a professional-grade Topline Trampoline and have a spare, old trampoline lying around? Don’t throw it away! Upcycle! Ever wanted a chicken coop? Or a trendy greenhouse? We never want a trampoline to go to waste, so we’ve found some nifty DIY ideas for your old tramp.

Veggie Garden

All you need are retainer bricks, soil and some seeds!
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An Outdoor Movie Screen

Perfect for those summer nights
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Chicken Coop

Who doesn’t love eggs?
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Soccer Goal

From one sport to another.
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So, get your tool box out and your DIY cap on. Don’t let a trampoline go to waste.

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The Best Hip and Thigh Stretch for Trampoline

Last month we taught you how to stretch your back properly for before and/or after your trampoline session. Stretching is an important part of exercise and recovery. Without stretching properly, damage could be done to your body.

This month we are focusing on hips and thighs. Springing up and down and up and down on a trampoline impacts your hips and thighs as your legs contact the trampoline to push back up into the air. If you suffer from pain in these areas (or want to avoid any pain in these areas) of your body, follow this simple stretch.


Step One

Stand upright with correct posture and place your feet around two shoulder widths apart.

Step Two

Rotate your feet and body to the right so your right leg is in front of your left.

Step Three

Bend your right leg until your thigh is parallel to the ground.

Step Four

Slowly lower your body whilst keeping your back straight. Tip: if you place your hands on your hips and look straight forward you can help your balance.

Step Five

Hold for a few seconds.

Step Six

Slowly lift yourself up so both legs are straight.

Step Seven

Rotate your body so your left leg is now in front and your right leg is behind. Repeat stretch on the left side.

You should feel the stretch through the front of your back thigh and through the front leg hamstring. This will open your hips as well as stretching those important thigh muscles.

This will help with pain and with avoiding injury.

If you have any ongoing pain or injuries, please see your doctor.

Topline Trampolines is a home-grown, Australian manufacturer of durable, professional-grade trampolines. Browse our range of products online, or visit our warehouse on the Gold Coast to talk to an expert.

Summer is coming

Our Australian-made trampolines are made for the outdoors and since the weather is starting to warm up, we’re gearing up for those long summer days!

So whether you’re looking to buy an in-ground trampolinetrampoline netting to ensure your kids maximise safety (and fun) or a heavy-duty trampoline for some more strenuous trampoline exercises.

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What to Wear for Professional Trampoline

Swimmers have special bathing suits, fencers have those suits with masks, and footballers have their jerseys; so, what do trampoline athletes wear?

To be the best you have to look the best, not to mention wear the correct equipment. We’ve broken down what you should wear if you dream of being a professional trampoline gymnast.


For class or training sessions, it is best to wear loose fitting clothing that is comfortable. T-shirts and leggings are ideal. Ensure that your comfy clothes aren’t too baggy or floppy, they’ll get in the way of your bounce. Also, it is best not to wear socks as you will most likely slip.

There are special trampoline shoes designed for the sport that might be worth investing in. These shoes are similar to slippers but with a gripped sole so you do not slip. The shoe moulds around your feet for maximum flexibility too.


For trampoline competitions, the attire differs for males and females. Regulation attire for girls is a sleeveless or long-sleeved leotard without shorts or leg coverings. For boys, regulation attire is a fitted tank top and gymnastic pants or shorts (fitted enough to give the appearance of a leotard).

For long hair, it is advised to have it braided. It should be up and away from the eyes for sight and braids reduce bulk on the head when doing rolls and other manoeuvres. It is also advised to not wear jewellery.

So, now you can look the part while playing the part (being a pro-trampoline athlete).

If you want to jump like a pro you should own a pro trampoline. Topline Trampolines is a manufacturer of durable, professional-grade trampolines. Visit our warehouse on the Gold Coast to talk to an expert or browse our range of products online.

Stretching Your Back for Trampoline

Like any sport, stretching before and after is extremely important. Not only does it prevent injury, but it also helps with the repair and development of the muscles.

For trampoline, in particular, it is important to stretch your abdominal and lower back muscles after a tramp session. Not sure how to do it? We’re here to tell you how!

Step One

Face down, get yourself into a plank position with your forearms holding you up, parallel underneath your shoulders. Keep your back flat.

Step Two

For 10 seconds, contract and hold your gluteus muscles.

Step Three

Lifting your right arm, straighten it, pointing ahead. Hold for 10 seconds.

Step Four

Return to the start position.

Step Five

Repeat with opposite arm.

Step Six

Return to start position.

Step Seven

In the same kind of motion, lift your right leg off the ground and hold for 10 seconds.

Step Nine

Return to start position.

Step Ten

Repeat with opposite leg.

Step Eleven

Return to start position.

Step Twelve

Lift your right arm and left leg in the same motion. Hold for 10 seconds.

Step Thirteen

Lower and repeat with opposite arm and leg.

Now pain, be gone! Do this stretch after every trampoline session and your abdominal and lower back muscles will thank you forever.

If you experience sudden or ongoing pain, please see your doctor.

Topline Trampolines is a home-grown, Australian manufacturer of durable, professional-grade trampolines. Browse our range of products online, or visit our warehouse on the Gold Coast to talk to an expert.

Why You Should Get an In-Ground Trampoline

Here at Topline Trampolines, we produce professional-grade in-ground trampolines, perfect for aspiring gymnasts or for the backyard. So, why should you choose an in-ground trampoline instead of one on legs?

Great for Kids

In-ground trampolines are fantastic for smaller children who wish to pursue gymnastic trampoline or to play with their friends. Unlike a trampoline on legs, children will not have the fear of falling off an in-ground trampoline. This also eliminates the risk of someone actually falling off the edge, and the fear that comes with that. No fear means more fun.

Garden Aesthetic

Installing an in-ground trampoline will often look nicer in a backyard than a standing one. It fits in better with the yard and is easy to landscape around. Plus, how many houses do you see with in-ground trampolines? You’ll be the coolest house on the block!

Safe Storms

There’s nothing worse than seeing the backyard after an intense storm and everything has flown away; the above-ground trampoline might be in the neighbour’s yard! With an in-ground trampoline, there is no chance of your beloved trampoline flying away in the storm. It will be right where you left it when the sun comes out tomorrow.

Aspiring Olympians

If your child has big dreams of taking their gymnastic trampoline skills to the Olympics, they’re going to need the correct equipment. Topline Trampolines produces in-ground Olympic trampolines, perfect for any aspiring gymnast. If you want to be the best, you’ve got to have the best.

In-ground trampolines are a fantastic alternative to the traditional above-ground trampolines if you want safety, professionalism and a minimal chance of your trampoline ending up on the roof.

If you’re interested in having an Olympic in-ground trampoline in your yard, contact Topline Trampolines today.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Trampoline

It’s no secret that trampoline jumping is a fantastic form of exercise. With the fast-growing indoor trampoline centres, kids and adult alike are getting into the fitness craze. But how do you get the most out of your trampoline…?

Become an Astronaut

Kind of. Trampolines were historically used in astronaut training so they could experience the feel weightlessness (zero gravity). To put your trampoline to astronomical use, jump as high as you can to burn more calories. When you bounce back up from an extreme height your muscles are forced to react three times the force of gravity. And hey, you can always pretend you’re floating through space while you do it!

Good Ol’ Star Jumps

Star jumps are a terrific way of getting your heart rate up and the calories burning, so imagine pairing them with the bounce of a trampoline? Jump higher and higher and stretch longer and longer with your arms and legs to maximise the effects of the workout.


Jump-jogging is exactly what it sounds like: jumping and jogging. Doing a jog in one position on a trampoline gives you the benefits of a light jog without the high impact stress of jogging on solid ground. You can start off with little steps and progress up to higher springs (lifting your knees) when you get into the rhythm of it. This is a great way to warm up before jumping into the rest of your workout (jumping, get it?).

Just Bounce

Simply bouncing on your trampoline can help tone your muscles as well as get your heart rate up. Nothing fancy, just simple vertical bouncing.

Trampoline jumping is a wonderful way to get in shape whether you’re a kid or an adult. Get the most out of your Topline Trampoline with correct exercises to keep you fit and well.

Topline Trampolines produce professional-grade trampolines; perfect for health and fitness. Give us a call or browse our website for all things trampolining.

What You Didn’t Know About Trampoline

Trampoline seems like an Olympic staple nowadays, right? But did you know that the sport actually debuted at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games? That doesn’t even seem like that long ago! Here are some other facts you probably didn’t know about trampoline:

Astronauts Use Them

Inventor, George Nissen, originally created the trampoline for trapeze artists and since then, are used in training astronauts. It helps them better understand what their bodies will be like in space.

You’re Basically a Kangaroo

After inventing the trampoline, Nissen rented (yes, rented) a kangaroo after studying its bouncing habits. He wished to bounce on his invention in perfect unison with the kangaroo to publicise his new invention.

Don’t Be Afraid of Heights

If you have a fear of heights, trampoline is not for you. Gymnasts have been recorded up in the air as high as 33 feet (over 10 metres)! Don’t look down!

Don’t Forget to Barani

Like with most sports, there are different words or phrases that mean different things. Tucked, piked, Barani, Cody and Quadriffis are all manoeuvres that can be performed in a trampoline routine.

All 22 Eyes on You

If you’re wanting to compete in trampoline any time soon, just know that there are 11 judges watching and scoring your routine. They judge on height, technique, quality, execution, rhythm, body control and pretty much everything else (even the angle of your limbs!). No pressure.

It’s Great for Your Health!

Trampoline is a fantastic way to improve your overall fitness. It works your cardiovascular system, your muscles, your mind and your spatial awareness. Some say it’s as good for you as running!

Professional trampoline is no joke. Topline Trampolines are an Australian manufacturer of professional-grade trampolines that are perfect for anyone who wants to give proper trampoline a go!

Browse our wide range of products on our website, or visit our warehouse on the Gold Coast and talk to an expert. (Kangaroo not included).


What Exactly Is Trampoline Gymnastics?

Trampoline gymnastics (TRP) is an exciting and different kind of gymnastics for people who want to do something a little bouncier. Why flip and twist and tumble on the floor when you can add some height to it? TRP is a fantastic way to become more aware of your body and its movement; and is a great form of exercise too!

TRP helps develop confident body movement, builds strength and fitness, challenges your body and your mind, and is a fun way to develop your posture and spatial awareness. TRP can be for adults and kids who want to keep fit and have fun; while still having the discipline and focus of a gymnast.

Like every type of gymnastics, there are different disciplines when it comes to competition. They are:


Simple Trampoline is for a solo competitor who performs a routine for judges. There are ten different skills (all of which have varying difficulty) that can be performed. They are judged on the quality in which they are executed and the time of flight (how long you are in the air for).

Synchronised Trampoline

Think synchronised swimming but in the air and without those funny nose-clip things. Synchronised Trampoline entails two competitors bouncing on separate trampolines doing the same routine in perfect unison. Once again, it is judged on the difficulty of the skills performed and the quality (synchronisation).

Double-Mini Trampoline

Double-Mini Trampoline (DMT) is where two skills are performed in a sequence on the DMT bed and the other to dismount from the trampoline.


Tumbling is the same as on a solid surface: backwards and forwards skills going from hands to feet and feet to hands, but on a trampoline.


If you’re looking for a fun and exciting style of gymnastics for yourself or the kids, Trampoline Gymnastics is for you! Improve your health, agility and overall fitness with this fantastic sport.

Topline Trampolines produce professional-grade trampolines; perfect for TRP. Give us a call or browse our website for all things trampolining.

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