How To Make The Most Of Your Trampoline With Replacement Parts

Has your trampoline suffered a bit of wear and tear, but you don’t want to invest in a whole new one?

Luckily, Topline Trampolines offers the replacement parts you need to keep jumping through to the New Year!

Here are a few key replacement parts we have on offer to keep your trampoline in tip-top shape:


With both round and rectangular nets available, we’ve got you covered when it comes to both regular and Olympic trampolines. We offer replacement nets that are safe, functional and inexpensive, so you can keep the pennies in your pocket – especially at this costly time of year!

Spring Pads

Not only do spring pads offer some protection from injury, they give the trampoline a pop of colour – which only adds to the fun! Round spring mats are available in both light and heavy duty material, to ensure you’ve got the right coverage for your trampoline. And for rectangular trampolines, we offer Aussie-made Marine Carpet as well as PVC Heavy Made pads. With pads available in grass green and sky blue, your trampoline is sure to make a colourful canvas of your backyard.


Isn’t it a pain when your trampoline has a few springs that have lost that brand-new bounce? Well now your trampoline will be as good as new will our replacement springs – that come in packs of TEN no less! This should keep a spring in your step, even in Summer!




Our Trampolines Last!

It’s a great thrill for us when someone says our trampolines are wonderful. Manufactured in Australia with the best materials, they’re built to last (and they’re backup up with a great warranty and parts).

My son has a disability and jumps on his trampoline for hours every day to relieve stress. He is 19 years old and around 100kgs. I have purchased spring free and every other gimmick type of trampoline on the market and the frames could not stand up to the constant use and all failed.

I have had a Topline Trampoline (Rectangle Olympic) for 2 years now and the frame shows no sign of wear at all. Finally a tramp frame that has stood up to what the supplier tells us on the website.”

Name withheld

Give The Gift Of Bouncing This Christmas

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this Christmas, tis’ the season to be jolly and everyone deserves to experience the joy that a Topline Trampoline brings..

The trampoline offers something for everyone — your energetic preschooler, your gymnast-wannabe, or parents who want their kids doing something besides playing video games. Did we mention they don’t run on batteries?! They won’t go out of style as soon as the latest version is launched, and they’re simply irresistible. A trampoline is the perfect Christmas gift for the entire family, building memories with every bounce.

If you aren’t already convinced, here’s 5 reasons you should give the gift of bouncing this Christmas:

Great Gift for Multiple Kids

As if the holiday season isn’t already expensive and stressful enough, Christmas gifting can become even more heavy on the wallet when buying for multiple children. Why not kill two birds with one stone and purchase a tramp fit for an entire family. Cost effective, fair and fun!

Usable All Year Round

Deflating the blow up pool and packing away the slip and slide at the end of each Summer can be a little depressing, especially when the kids are begging you to let them continue playing, (despite the 5 degree temps). Trampolines can be set up once and left to enjoy all year round! They won’t go off, won’t go out of fashion and aren’t temperature sensitive – perfect.

Shop Local

Here at Topline Trampolines, we are Aussie Made, Aussie owned, compliant and insured. We are a family business scanning 50 years experience and can guarantee top product quality to take the risk out of buying dodgy gifts that have you lining up at the returns desk on Boxing Day.

Layby & Delivery Available

Take your time to pay off this Christmas gift in the comfort of your own home by simply by ordering and placing a deposit over the phone. Located on the Gold Coast,Topline offers layby and delivery anywhere in Australia! This means no shopping centre car park fights and no packing your Chistmas shopping into our car like a game of tetris – yay!!

Keepin’ It Healthy

A trampoline in your backyard may be just the thing to encourage your kids (and you) to get active! The benefits of bouncing are well documented; not only can it improve fitness, it can increase flexibility, coordination, balance and confidence.


5 Reasons Why Jumping Kids Are Healthier, Happier Kids

Keep the kids happy this Spring..

The birds are chirping, the flowers are in full bloom and the sun’s rays are warming our backyards. But how do we keep that energetic spring in our children’s step and stop them from sitting like a zombie in front of a computer screen?

Swap technology for some outdoor trampolining!  It is not only a healthy form of exercise but a fun-filled way to enjoy the day in the fresh air and feel good!

At Topline Trampolines, we pride ourselves on our products providing physical, health and educational benefits which, in turn, lead to a much happier child.

Here’s 5 Reason why jumping kids are healthier, happier kids:

It Gets Them Outdoors

Researchers have found that children who spent from five to 10 hours a week outdoors have a stronger sense of self-fulfillment and purpose than those who don’t.

Healthy Heart

Jumping is a cardiovascular exercise and gives the heart a healthy and organic workout. Healthy heart = happy heart 😊

Improved Coordination of the Body

Jumping helps kids understand their body better. Both sides of the brain and body work together to maintain balance and coordination. They develop better coordination overall and lead a rewarding life.

Puts Them in a Better Mood

It’s a fact that exercise affects chemicals in your brain and those can change how you feel. Kids who trampoline get more energy, feel better and stay calmer.

Improved Learning

Jumping is fun, period. And with happiness comes the ease of learning. The presence of a mood-enhancing substance that gets produced when kids jump, gives them a grasp of things easier and often results in excelled learning.


DIY Your Old Trampoline

Have you just upgraded to a professional-grade Topline Trampoline and have a spare, old trampoline lying around? Don’t throw it away! Upcycle! Ever wanted a chicken coop? Or a trendy greenhouse? We never want a trampoline to go to waste, so we’ve found some nifty DIY ideas for your old tramp.

Veggie Garden

All you need are retainer bricks, soil and some seeds!
Image Source

An Outdoor Movie Screen

Perfect for those summer nights
Image Source

Chicken Coop

Who doesn’t love eggs?
Image Source

Soccer Goal

From one sport to another.
Image Source

So, get your tool box out and your DIY cap on. Don’t let a trampoline go to waste.

If you’re after a brand new, Olympic-grade trampoline, go to the Topline Trampoline website and browse our range, or give one of our experts a call.

The Best Hip and Thigh Stretch for Trampoline

Last month we taught you how to stretch your back properly for before and/or after your trampoline session. Stretching is an important part of exercise and recovery. Without stretching properly, damage could be done to your body.

This month we are focusing on hips and thighs. Springing up and down and up and down on a trampoline impacts your hips and thighs as your legs contact the trampoline to push back up into the air. If you suffer from pain in these areas (or want to avoid any pain in these areas) of your body, follow this simple stretch.


Step One

Stand upright with correct posture and place your feet around two shoulder widths apart.

Step Two

Rotate your feet and body to the right so your right leg is in front of your left.

Step Three

Bend your right leg until your thigh is parallel to the ground.

Step Four

Slowly lower your body whilst keeping your back straight. Tip: if you place your hands on your hips and look straight forward you can help your balance.

Step Five

Hold for a few seconds.

Step Six

Slowly lift yourself up so both legs are straight.

Step Seven

Rotate your body so your left leg is now in front and your right leg is behind. Repeat stretch on the left side.

You should feel the stretch through the front of your back thigh and through the front leg hamstring. This will open your hips as well as stretching those important thigh muscles.

This will help with pain and with avoiding injury.

If you have any ongoing pain or injuries, please see your doctor.

Topline Trampolines is a home-grown, Australian manufacturer of durable, professional-grade trampolines. Browse our range of products online, or visit our warehouse on the Gold Coast to talk to an expert.

Summer is coming

Our Australian-made trampolines are made for the outdoors and since the weather is starting to warm up, we’re gearing up for those long summer days!

So whether you’re looking to buy an in-ground trampolinetrampoline netting to ensure your kids maximise safety (and fun) or a heavy-duty trampoline for some more strenuous trampoline exercises.

Our friendly team will help you find the right trampoline for you from our range of trampolines for sale.

Topline Trampolines are bouncing on!

Here at Topline Trampolines, we’re thrilled to have over 50 years experience supplying Australian’s, like you, with top of the range, high-quality trampolines.

From in-ground Olympic trampolines to rectangle and even round trampolines – we’ve got a trampoline to fit your need.

Where ever you’re based in Australia, whether it be Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane – give our friendly team a call today on 07 5594 0146 to see how we can help bring the bounce back into your backyard.

What to Wear for Professional Trampoline

Swimmers have special bathing suits, fencers have those suits with masks, and footballers have their jerseys; so, what do trampoline athletes wear?

To be the best you have to look the best, not to mention wear the correct equipment. We’ve broken down what you should wear if you dream of being a professional trampoline gymnast.


For class or training sessions, it is best to wear loose fitting clothing that is comfortable. T-shirts and leggings are ideal. Ensure that your comfy clothes aren’t too baggy or floppy, they’ll get in the way of your bounce. Also, it is best not to wear socks as you will most likely slip.

There are special trampoline shoes designed for the sport that might be worth investing in. These shoes are similar to slippers but with a gripped sole so you do not slip. The shoe moulds around your feet for maximum flexibility too.


For trampoline competitions, the attire differs for males and females. Regulation attire for girls is a sleeveless or long-sleeved leotard without shorts or leg coverings. For boys, regulation attire is a fitted tank top and gymnastic pants or shorts (fitted enough to give the appearance of a leotard).

For long hair, it is advised to have it braided. It should be up and away from the eyes for sight and braids reduce bulk on the head when doing rolls and other manoeuvres. It is also advised to not wear jewellery.

So, now you can look the part while playing the part (being a pro-trampoline athlete).

If you want to jump like a pro you should own a pro trampoline. Topline Trampolines is a manufacturer of durable, professional-grade trampolines. Visit our warehouse on the Gold Coast to talk to an expert or browse our range of products online.

Stretching Your Back for Trampoline

Like any sport, stretching before and after is extremely important. Not only does it prevent injury, but it also helps with the repair and development of the muscles.

For trampoline, in particular, it is important to stretch your abdominal and lower back muscles after a tramp session. Not sure how to do it? We’re here to tell you how!

Step One

Face down, get yourself into a plank position with your forearms holding you up, parallel underneath your shoulders. Keep your back flat.

Step Two

For 10 seconds, contract and hold your gluteus muscles.

Step Three

Lifting your right arm, straighten it, pointing ahead. Hold for 10 seconds.

Step Four

Return to the start position.

Step Five

Repeat with opposite arm.

Step Six

Return to start position.

Step Seven

In the same kind of motion, lift your right leg off the ground and hold for 10 seconds.

Step Nine

Return to start position.

Step Ten

Repeat with opposite leg.

Step Eleven

Return to start position.

Step Twelve

Lift your right arm and left leg in the same motion. Hold for 10 seconds.

Step Thirteen

Lower and repeat with opposite arm and leg.

Now pain, be gone! Do this stretch after every trampoline session and your abdominal and lower back muscles will thank you forever.

If you experience sudden or ongoing pain, please see your doctor.

Topline Trampolines is a home-grown, Australian manufacturer of durable, professional-grade trampolines. Browse our range of products online, or visit our warehouse on the Gold Coast to talk to an expert.

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