Trampolines for Sale Make the Best Christmas Gifts

Christmas will be here before you know it. It’s a great time to start searching trampolines for sale. There are so many things available for children these days. In many cases, toys end up lost or forgotten. Electronic devices are popular, but they don’t always promote the healthy lifestyle parents want for their little ones. Why should you consider buying your kids a trampoline this season?

Give Them a Reason to Go Outside

Every parent knows that it can be difficult to get the kids to play outside. Fresh air and sunshine are good for a child. It improves sensory skills like touch, smell, and distance vision. It also helps with social and emotional development by taking turns and exploring. The natural light stimulates the pineal gland, which is essential to immune function.

Parents know that their children need to spend some time outdoors, but the challenging part is getting them out there. A trampoline is a great reason to spend an afternoon under the sun.

Encourage Physical Fitness and Exercise

When you search for trampolines for sale, you aren’t just buying a gift. You are buying a way for your family to stay fit with regular exercise. Rebounding uses multiple muscle groups. It strengthens coordination and balance.

It also gets the body breathing deeper and the heart pumping, which is good for overall health. Regular rebounding sessions are an excellent way to get your children on the path to an active lifestyle.

Rebounding Supports Mental Health

Rebounding can boost mental health. Children experience many of the same conditions that adults do, like depression and stress. A trampoline helps alleviate these problems. The sensation of jumping can trigger the release of chemicals like serotonin and adrenaline inside the body. These have a positive impact on physical and mental health. This type of activity also gets oxygen circulating, which can improve cognitive ability.

Provide a Fun Group Activity for Everyone

When you shop for trampolines for sale, you are buying a gift for the whole family. Rebounding is good for all ages. Adults can join in and get the same physical and mental health benefits.

It’s a great opportunity to bond as a family. You can do it at home, so there is no need to drive anywhere or spend more money to enjoy quality time together.

A Trampoline Provides Years of Entertainment

Think about the toys and electronic devices your kids received for Christmas last year. How many of them are still used? Are any lost or stuffed in a closet somewhere? A trampoline is a gift that will keep on giving for years.

Topline carries replacement parts so you can repair anything that wears out and extend the life of your trampoline. That is a tremendous value when you consider the years of fun you will get out of your Christmas gift.

Trampolines for Sale at Topline

Now is the best time to look for trampolines for sale. Contact Topline today to learn more about our inground and above ground models. Tell us what you need, and we’ll find the best trampoline for your family!

The Benefits of Installing Trampolines Inground!

Installing trampolines inground is a big investment. Above ground models are easier to set up because there’s no excavating or construction required.

You find a level spot, assemble the parts, and they are ready to go. Inground models, on the other hand, require more time and money.

However, there are several good reasons to go this route. Why should you consider installing your next trampoline inground?

Inground Trampolines are Safer

Installing trampolines inground is a good choice when it comes to safety. The low position means that there is a shorter distance to fall.

Most accidents occur when the bouncer accidentally jumps off the mat and lands on the ground at a high rate of speed.

Inground models are already at ground level, so the body doesn’t gain as much momentum before it hits the ground.

This reduces the risk and severity of an injury should an accident happen.

Easier to Get On and Off the Trampoline

Putting your trampolines inground makes them more accessible. You won’t need to climb up onto the frame or use a ladder to get on top of the mat.

Everything is at ground level so you can step on and start jumping. When you’re done, you can walk off.

This is a helpful benefit for parents with children who will use the trampoline.

Just remember to monitor kids when trampolining. Safety netting can be installed to prevent children from climbing on while someone else is jumping.

Inground Means Less Maintenance

If you want something that’s low maintenance, then installing trampolines inground should be considered.

The parts are not as exposed to the elements like they are with an above-ground model.

The frame is hidden, which reduces the chances of rust forming. Trampoline parts are strong, but they don’t last forever.

Snow build-up on the mat and other conditions can cause damage no matter how you install yours.

Talk to an expert at Topline Trampolines for recommendations and advice that will extend the life of your equipment.

Learn More About Installing Trampolines Inground

There are many benefits to buying a trampoline. Contact Topline today to learn more about our Australian-made products and what they can do for you.

Our Olympic inground trampolines are large, durable, and sure to provide your family with hours of outdoor fun!

Contact us with questions or to discuss installing trampolines inground at home.

Buy Now, Save Later!

‘Tis the season to look at savings! Here at Topline, we are always thrilled to hear such great feedback about our trampolines. We want everyone to enjoy them, especially over the holidays. 

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We have such a wide range of Australian made trampolines that we want you to enjoy, just as much as our existing customers. 

Shop online to find the perfect trampoline to suit your home, or even if you are just in the market for new parts to improve your current trampoline.

We believe that every great Aussie home should have a trampoline, not only do they bring plenty of joy to the household, they are great for your health. 

Shop online with us today and save in the long run. From all of us here at Topline Trampolines, we hope you have a safe and happy holidays!


How to Find Replacement Parts for Trampolines

Australian-made trampolines are designed to last a long time. However, there is no way to avoid normal wear. Eventually, you will have to replace something. Topline Trampolines can help you find exactly what you need to keep your favourite backyard activity ready to use.

Inspect Your Trampolines

Inspect trampolines to look for signs of wear and tear. Any problems should be addressed quickly and before anyone is permitted to use the equipment.

You may notice changes in performance, which could indicate something is wrong. If you notice any of the following, stop use immediately and inspect your trampoline:

  • All or some of your springs are exposed
  • The enclosure net is falling, torn, or otherwise malfunctioning
  • The mat has tears, holes, or snags in it, or it is sagging
  • Corrosion is present on the frame or other metal parts
  • The surface of your trampoline isn’t level

Once you identify the problem, you can figure out which parts are needed. For example, you may need a new spring pad if your old one is missing. Or, you may need a new mat if there is visible damage.  If the trampoline isn’t level, then your frame may be damaged, or the ground underneath may have shifted.

Check Our Website for Replacement Parts

Trampolines require several different parts to function safely. You can find everything you need by visiting our website.

The most common replacement part is the mat. This will likely wear out more often than the metal components. We offer high-quality mats in different shapes and sizes. Our black rectangle mat is available for trampolines that are under 2 metres as well as models that are over 4 metres. Topline also supplies replacement mats for round frames.

It may not be easy to find a replacement if you have a foreign-built model. We can help. Our website includes instructions on taking measurements to find the right mat for your trampoline, even if you didn’t buy it from us.

You should also know the spring count as well. This will be required when sizing your mat.

Talk to a Trampoline Expert

You can order replacement parts for trampolines on our website. If you are uncertain or need advice, give us a call or stop by. We make our own products, which provides us with the insight needed to provide sound advice and recommendations.

Tell us about your problem, and we’ll make sure you get the replacement part you need. Contact us today to learn more about keeping your trampolines in working condition.

Benefits of a Trampoline Inground

Installing trampolines inground is a big investment. Above ground models are easier to set up because there’s no excavating or construction required. You find a level spot, assemble the parts, and they are ready to go. Inground models, on the other hand, require more time and money. However, there are several good reasons to go this route. Why should you consider installing your next trampoline inground?

Installing Trampolines Inground Improves Aesthetics

The trampoline will become a fixture in your yard for most of the year. You and your guests will see it every time you go outside or glance out of a window. Installing trampolines inground offers a more aesthetically pleasing look that won’t take away from the beauty of your home.

The metal legs and frame won’t be visible, which will prevent it from distracting from your backyard decor. You can come up with many ways to visually enhance the area. Add landscaping that follows the shape of the mat.

Some homeowners will even turn a hole from an old swimming pool into a trampoline. It looks nice, creates a useable feature, and won’t require as much excavating.

The more use your trampoline gets, the more the grass around the frame will get stepped on and could begin to die. Adding a ground cover material will prevent this problem and keep your yard looking healthy.

You can combine functionality with safety by distributing a soft playground covering like rubber mulch or artificial grass around the outside of the trampoline.

Easier to Get On and Off of the Trampoline

Putting your trampolines inground makes them more accessible. You won’t need to climb up onto the frame or use a ladder to get on top of the mat. Everything is at ground level so you can step on and start jumping. When you’re done, you can walk off.

This is a helpful benefit for parents with children or people with special needs who will use the trampoline. Just remember to monitor kids when trampolining.

Learn More About Installing Trampolines Inground

There are many benefits to buying a trampoline. Contact Topline today to learn more about our Australian-made products and what they can do for you. Our Olympic inground trampolines are large, durable, and sure to provide your family with hours of outdoor fun! Contact us with questions or to discuss installing trampolines inground at home.

Health Benefits of Trampolines

5 Ways Trampolines Can Make Your Mind and Body Healthier

Trampolines aren’t just for kids. Regular bouncing can provide many health benefits for people of all ages. In fact, according to the Journal of Applied Physiology, rebounding is 68% more effective than going for a jog. How can your backyard trampoline help you live a healthier lifestyle?

  • Improves Immunity by Boosting the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system directly influences your body’s ability to protect itself from illness. It relies on muscle and joint activity to do its job. Jumping on trampolines gets the system moving so that it can remove toxins and waste. Rebounding is a great way to improve lymphatic function.

  • Less Risk of Impact-Based Injury While Exercising

Trampolines provide a way to exercise with a lower risk of impact-based injury. Jogging is good for you, but it can be hard on your joints. Each time your foot hits the ground, there is an impact that can cause injury to the hips, knees, or ankles.

Rebounding doesn’t put as much pressure on your bones and joints. The impact is lessened by the elasticity of the mat, which reduces your risk of impact injury.

  • Develops Better Coordination and Balance

You may have trouble staying upright on a trampoline at first. As you practice, you will notice that you’re more in control. That’s because your coordination and balance are improving. Regular workouts on trampolines can teach you how to stay upright in other situations.

Unexpected movements can cause you to lose your balance. Your body must learn to re-balance before you land on the mat again. You will become more adept at predicting body movements and learn how to recover faster.

  • Reduce the Appearance of Varicose Veins

Did you know that trampolines can help get rid of varicose veins? Regular sessions will increase your circulation. This reduces pressure on your veins as well as inflammation and pain. This is especially important for people who live sedentary lives or work in professions that require a lot of sitting.

  • Lifts Your Mood for Improved Mental Health

Trampolines can improve your mental health. The feeling of weightlessness inspires feelings of freedom and excitement. Endorphins are released, which naturally lift your mood. Bouncing produces adrenaline, which stimulates the nervous system. It can also trigger a release of serotonin to assist with mood regulation.

Rebounding exercise comes with many health benefits. Contact Topline today to learn more about available models. We can help you find Australian-made trampolines that fit your budget and your lifestyle.

How to Find the Best Trampoline for Sale in Australia

Finding the best trampolines for sale in Australia is easy. If you know where to go, you can discover the newest models at great prices and with customer-friendly guarantees. That’s where we come in. We are here to guide you to high-quality frames and mats that meet your needs and fit your budget. Why should you trust Topline Trampolines?

We Don’t Just Sell Trampolines – We Make Them

Selling is one part of what we do. We are a real trampoline manufacturer. In an industry where over 95% of the product is imported, Topline is a rare find. Our large rectangle trampolines are made in our factory in Molendinar.

We have spent 50 years in the business, which gives us unique insight and knowledge that we pass on to our customers. We can provide advice for setup, use, and storage. If you have a question, we are here to help. You get to shop the best trampolines for sale and enjoy the benefits of expert-level service.

We Are an Australian Company That’s Compliant

Imported models may not be made to the standards Australians expect. Cheap materials may be used, and corners may be cut. Some regions don’t operate under the regulations or quality controls that local businesses do.

Topline Trampolines is Australian-owned and we meet all compliance guidelines. We are a legitimate business that has been around for decades. You can buy with confidence when you shop the best trampolines for sale from a local manufacturer.

Topline Has New Models and Replacement Parts

We are concerned about the long-term care of your trampoline. We want every customer to get the most out of their purchase. That’s why we sell new models and replacement parts. You can come to us when your mat wears out or when you need new springs.

Our prices are competitive, and you get the same high-quality products that you receive when you buy a new trampoline with us. We have replacement mats for round, rectangle, and Olympic trampolines. Our catalogue also includes enclosure kits, netting, and pads.

Topline’s Trampolines Come with a Warranty

We build our trampolines to last. Just in case you have a problem, we also include a warranty with your purchase. Our pro jumbo and Olympic rectangle trampolines come with five years of frame protection. We also have warranties that cover jumping mats, spring pads, and enclosure netting. Check the individual product for warranty duration and information.

The Best Trampolines for Sale Are Right Here in QLD

It’s easier than ever to find the best trampolines for sale in QLD. Topline has served Australian customers for years. Let us show you our newest models or help you find the replacement parts you need to keep your current trampoline bouncy. Give us a call today or stop by to talk to a trampoline expert.

10 Fun Facts About Trampolines

10 Fun Facts About Trampolines

Anyone who has ever climbed onto a backyard trampoline knows how much fun they can be. While you are out there enjoying your favourite activity, think about these fun facts that make trampolines even more interesting!

  • Trapeze Artists Were the Inspiration for Trampolines

Trampolines were invented in 1936 by George Nissen and Larry Griswold. The pair were inspired by trapeze artists, or more specifically, the safety nets they used. The prototype was constructed using tyre inner tubes and scrap steel.

  • The First Trampoline Was Promoted with a Kangaroo

To help market their creation, Nissen and Griswold rented a live kangaroo. They set up their invention in Central Park, New York City and used a kangaroo as part of the demonstration. Nissen found that if he jumped on one side of the trampoline while the animal stood on the other, it would bounce as well. We’re still not sure how the roo felt about it.

  • Trampolines Can Make Your Eyes Stronger

Did you know that jumping can strengthen your eyes? Bouncing on a trampoline applies increased G-force. Regular jumping can help strengthen eye muscles and ocular nerves. This type of physical activity also stimulates cells to restore the shape and function of eye lenses.

  • Trampolining is an Olympic Sport

Trampolining became an official Olympic sport during the 2000 Games in Sydney. There is a men’s and a women’s individual event. Competitors are judged based on their performance and height reached.

  • The Record for Continuous Bouncing is 53 Days

The record for continuous bouncing was set by a six-person team from Cleveland State University’s Delta Epsilon fraternity in 1986. The group managed to keep bouncing for a total of 53 consecutive days. The team received a congratulatory phone call from frat alumnus and U.S. president Ronald Reagan.

  • The Highest Trampoline Bounce Was 670 cm

The highest bounce was achieved by brothers Sean, Eric, and T.J. Kennedy. The siblings earned a Guinness World Record by reaching a height of 670 cm (22 feet). Their amazing feat was recorded and broadcast on the TODAY show.

  • The World’s Largest Trampoline Measures 5,852 Square Metres

The world’s largest trampoline can be found at Flip Out in Glasgow, Scotland. It consists of smaller trampolines installed together to create a 5,852 square metre (63,000 square foot) bouncing surface.

  • The Record for Most Backflips in a Minute is 49

Lucas Laurent holds the record for most trampoline backflips in one minute with a total of 49. He managed to perform nearly one backflip per second. He was recorded breaking the record in Ballerup, Denmark on April 18th, 2017.

  • Jumping on a Trampoline Can Help Fight Osteoporosis

Jumping on a trampoline is good for your body – especially your bones! Regular trampolining increases bone density and can help maintain bone mass in older adults. This helps prevent osteoporosis.

  • The Most People to Jump Simultaneously Was 375

Could you imagine jumping with hundreds of other people? A group from the U.K. set the record at 325 people in 2015. That record was recently broken by the Geylang Serai Community Sports Club in Singapore when they did the same with 375 people.

Trampolines are a great way to get exercise and have a good time. Check out Topline Trampolines to see the newest Aussie-made models and to find out which range is best for you.

Trampolines Inground

Why Do So Many People Prefer Their Trampolines Inground?

Many people choose to install their trampolines inground instead of going with an above-ground model. The above-ground version seems more convenient because they require no excavating, which can add to the total cost. However, the inground version has a lot to offer that may be a better fit for your household. Why are people willing to invest in an inground trampoline?

Installing Trampolines Inground Looks Better

Aesthetics are important when buying a trampoline. Keep in mind that once you set it up, you will likely have to look at it every day. You should choose something that will go well with your landscaping. Ideally, your trampoline should look like it fits in, so it doesn’t pull attention away from garden features and decorations.

Going with trampolines inground is the best option when it comes to appearance. This type sits along the ground, so you don’t see the legs. It doesn’t detract from the things around it.

Inground Models Are Easier for Children and Older Adults to Use

Trampolines are fun for people of all ages. They also offer many health benefits. That’s why families like to use them to get everyone outdoors and exercising.

Inground models are better for households with children and older adults because there’s no climbing required. An above-ground trampoline is elevated, so each person will have to pull themselves up and then climb down again when they are finished. With trampolines inground, you only have to walk onto the mat.

This can reduce the risk of falling for anyone who struggles to climb. No matter which type you choose, young children and anyone with mobility limitations should always be supervised when using any type of trampoline.

Trampolines Inground Can Be Safer

Precautions like the one mentioned above should always be followed. Trampolines are safe when used as recommended. It’s important to understand the risks no matter which type you choose.

The mat is off the ground, which means that a jumper may have farther to fall if they miss or stumble. Installing trampolines inground eliminates this added risk. The mat is almost flush with the ground, so there is no additional distance to fall if someone were to stumble off.

If you have questions about safety, features, and recommended use, let us know. Topline has been in the business for 50 years. We can help you find the right equipment or answer questions about a model you already own. Call us today to discuss installing trampolines inground at home.

Trampoline Enclosure

Don’t Forget the Enclosure When Searching for Trampolines for Sale

Make sure you find everything you need when searching for trampolines for sale. While many sellers offer kits with an enclosure, some do not. If you are a first-time buyer, then you need to know about this essential safety accessory.

What is a Trampoline Enclosure?

The enclosure, or safety net, consists of a length of mesh that extends from the frame. It’s attached to enclosure poles that connect to the legs using claps. These are designed to be strong and sturdy and should keep the net in place without sagging.

The mesh wall can prevent a jumper from accidentally tumbling off the mat. In some cases, it can mean the difference between a minor mistake and a serious injury.

Benefits of a Trampoline Enclosure

Trampoline enclosures can make your backyard a safer place for everyone. Why do you need a net?

  • Falling off the trampoline is one of the common causes of injury. The net can help prevent this by catching jumpers before they fall.
  • Mistakes will happen, especially when children are involved. Planning for mistakes now can save you a lot of potential problems later.
  • Showing that you took all possible safety precautions can be beneficial if you are ever sued as a result of a trampoline injury.
  • Nets help keep pets, wildlife, and debris off the mat. It also prevents others from climbing on while someone is using the trampoline.
  • By forcing jumpers to get on and off from the same spot, the net can prevent a collision should more than one person attempt to get on at a time.

Trampolines for Sale with Enclosures

Trampolines for sale come in a variety of sizes. For example, Topline Trampolines carries three round model sizes. Each requires a different set of enclosure poles and length of netting. You must use the right number of poles for optimum stability. Our small 10-foot round model uses eight poles while our 14-foot round requires 12 poles.

You will find many trampolines for sale online and offline. Make sure the ones you choose come with the enclosure or be prepared to buy one separately. If you are considering second-hand trampolines, be careful. It’s impossible to know if the equipment was maintained, whether it was ever overloaded, and how much general use and abuse it has taken.

You can feel confident about new models because they have never been used. Topline offers a two-year warranty and can provide information on weight limits and care. Contact us today to learn about our replacement netting, enclosure kits, or to ask about trampolines for sale with enclosures.

How We Build Our Topline Trampolines