Awesome Olympic Trampoline Facts

Who doesn’t like some interesting Olympic trampoline facts?! Well, the 2000 Summer Olympics were the first to feature trampolining as an official sport, and it’s been enjoyed by athletes around the world ever since. Several high-profile athletes campaigned tirelessly and successfully so they could compete on such a world stage! It just so happens we stock Olympic trampolines

Fact 1: The inventor of the trampoline always wanted it to become an Olympic event.

George Nissen, the man who created Mister Kangaroo, was a big supporter of trampolining as an Olympic sport. Even after he stopped making and selling trampolines, he campaigned for years to make his dream a reality. In 2000, when trampolining became an Olympic event, he attended the games with his daughter Dian. 

Fact 2: Trampolinists always wear special footwear 

Professional trampolinists avoid getting rugburn by wearing special socks or jump shoes.

Fact 3: Scoring is based on three factors

In order to win, competitors must perform certain moves in a set time. Points are given for difficulty and deducted when mistakes are made. This is added together with the “time of flight” score that is measured by a machine (introduced as an official metric in 2011)

Fact 4: There are two event categories, individual & synchronised. 

The “synchronized” event was introduced into the world championships in 1966 and has been part of the Olympic games since 2000.

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