Trampoline Springs

Isn’t it a pain when your trampoline springs have lost that brand-new bounce? Well, now your trampoline will be as good as new with our replacement springs – that come in packs of TEN no less! This should keep a spring in your step, even in Summer!

Are you after trampoline springs or wires for your trampoline? Check out our products below.

How long will the galvanised steel frames and springs lasts?

There are lots of variables of course, including:

  • climate – if the trampoline is in a climate where there is a lot of rain, then it may rust earlier than one that is in a dry town outback with no rain.
  • usage (i.e. 1 child using once per week, will last longer than 5 children using the trampoline all day every day).

Here at Topline Trampolines, we have a range of products and you can expect our Australian models to be handed down to the next generation!

And remember, all of our products are backed by a fantastic warranty!

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