Replacement Springs


Topline Trampolines supply many sizes replacement springs for your trampoline.  Please see measurement instructions below to determine the correct size for your trampoline.  SOLD IN PACKS OF 10 .

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How to measure trampoline springs correctly:

  • Without tension on the trampoline (not under tension)
  • From tip of hook…. to tip of hook
  • The entire length of spring… not just the barrel (from tip to tip)

View the picture below:

How to measure Trampoline Springs correctly

How to measure springs correctly, OFF the frame

Springs that we supply:
    • 5.5″ (140 mm) extended end springs – Pack of 10 – Aussie Made Gal = $3.95 ea
    • 7.0″ (178 mm) extended end springs + pack of 10 – Aussie Made Gal = $4.95 ea
    • 10.0″ (254 mm) extended end springs – pack of 10 – Aussie Made Gal = $6.95 ea

We also have 7 inch chinese springs which only fit the Round frames – $2.00 each.  Please phone us for these orders……

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Here at Topline Trampolines, we have been making Aussie made Trampolines for nearly 60 years. If you want a bouncy, sturdy, long-lasting, gymnastic-grade trampoline, look no further. Don’t pay top dollar for an import, when you can buy our quality Topline Trampoline and support an Australian made business. 

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