Rectangle Olympic Trampolines

aussie-made-flagOur high-quality Aussie-Made Rectangular Olympic Professional  rectangle trampolines will out-perform and outlast any other. Suitable for families who do competition trampolining or families who just want a quality, sturdy, bouncy, long-lasting trampoline.  We manufacture our own 2 large Rectangle models

– Pro Jumbo – frame size:  5.04 x 2.91m

-Olympic Std – frame size:  4.45 x 2.55 m

We have been making trampolines here at Topline for over 50 years. You’ll be hard pressed to buy better. Did you know that over 95% of trampolines are imported? Why pay top dollar for a cheap import when you can buy our Aussie-Made quality trampolines. We manufacture our own Rectangle models.  Click on the links below to see all photos and information

We endeavor to ship immediately, however please allow up to 14 days for delivery. *Conditions apply

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