Replacement Trampoline Mats - Gymnastic Competition Olympic 2 String woven

These replacement trampoline mats are Australian-made 2-string woven mats, hand-made on a Loom. Being gymnastic competition mats they are only suitable to be fitted to the trampolines they were sold with and are mainly for trained / advanced users needing more height and responsiveness in their bounce. Being high quality they deserve respect and need regular care/maintenance by way of re-painting, which protects the strings from UV damage and ‘wear & tear”


Our Yellow 2 string Trampoline Mats can be purchased below, other colours available too. They also fit the ACTION models and many other Brands including  JET JOL.

Allow 1-2 weeks for manufacture, then postage time which depends on your address.

To identify which mat you need, firstly count the number of mat attachments (up the long side and across one end. E.g. 37 x 19)  and then do a measurement from the mat-wire, length and width.

There are no returns or refunds offered on these replacement mats, so its very important you order the correct size mat. We are here if you need any assistance ordering your mat replacement.

If unable to purchase online, please phone-order or email. Postage costs depend on your Australian Postcode

Repainting is a standard requirement on all 2 String Trampoline Mats:

  • Repaint every 3 years for the current rubber-based mats.  For paint suppliers contact us.
  • Repaint your mat ON the trampoline with a foam roller. Roll the top and underneath, go around the mat-wires with a paintbrush. An un-painted mat will only last a few years before strings will start to break and these are very easily damaged by sharp objects, eg: shoes, fallen tree branches, pets claws etc. Once the strings start to break… It is expensive to replace. 

Gymnastic Competition Olympic 2 String

Size # of Mat Attachments / Wire Clips Price
14 x 7 ft (427 x 213cm) Yellow Green or Blue  38 x 19 Clips: (Made to Order allow 2 weeks)  $3,300.00 Add To Cart
14' x 6' (427 x 183cm) Yellow, Green or Blue  38 x 16 Clips (+others Made to Order, allow 2 weeks)  $3,025.00 Add To Cart
14' x 7' (427 x 213cm) YELLOW In Stock  37 x 19 Clips (others can be made, phone for order)  $3,300.00 Add To Cart
12' x 6' (366 x 183cm) YELLOW In Stock  33 x 16 clips (others can be made, please phone)  $2,680.00 Add To Cart
12 x 6 ft (366 x 183cm) Yellow, Green or Blue  32 x 17 Clips Made To Order: Allow 3 Weeks  $2,680.00 Add To Cart
12 X 6 FT (366 x 183cm) MADE TO ORDER  32 x 16 Clips (Yellow, Green or Blue allow 3 weeks )  $2,680.00 Add To Cart
10 x 6ft Yellow, Green or Blue  27 x 16 clips (yellow, green, or blue)  $2,330.00 Add To Cart