All quality Australian made – our EPIC point of difference!

We have a selection of Australian made rectangle replacement mats going back some 60 years with Topline Trampolines! If you have a sturdy old Australian frame, we can help with replacement mats and springs. Note, it is definitely worth it to keep your old Aussie frames up and running as they are far superior to any chinese import. Before making an order, be sure to check what system your mat has. The reason is that Australian & Chinese mats use different wiring systems. Just be aware of this as you may need to require additional parts/wire bars

Bounce on Topline’s Olympian Competition Ultimate 2 String Woven Mats /Beds

We have the ultimate trampoline mat for you, look no further than our Olympic competition gymnastic 2 string woven mats/beds. These yellow 2 string trampoline mats are woven with strong terylene string on a loom, then painted for UV protection and wear & tear (many other colours available!). This type of mat is much less air-resistant than the standard black polymesh mat, providing a more responsive and faster bounce, which is needed in competitions. These mats are the preferred choice of athletes or advanced users and can last for 20-30 years with proper maintenance. 

Topline trampolines make top quality Australian made trampoline parts.

Spring pads – Visually appealing & protection!

Spring pads are an essential safety measure and a visual enhancement for your Topline Trampoline. They act as protection from harm while jumping on the mat; tie them around the frame to securely lock them in place. Please take measurements from the outer frame of your Topline Trampoline for width and length before purchasing.

Choose from the OPTION Box:

Outer Frame Size 500 x 280-290cm  Green Aussie-Made pads $980 – Our Pro Jumbo size

Outer Frame Size 445 x 245-255cm Green Aussie-Made pads $950 – Our Olympic Std size

Outfit your trampoline with our quality and supremely durable rectangular spring pads! They feature a robust PVC cover with high density foam inside about thick 20mm foam padding. The 40cm width (minimum) means you can safely cover both springs and frame of our models.  Each pad comes in 4 rectangle pieces that easily velcro together before zip-tying onto the frame. Enjoy years of epic bouncing fun knowing everything is securely protected by these quality Australian made long lasting and top notch pads.

Suitable for all our above ground Topline made Trampolines – for inground models PVC Pads only suitable with a 2 string mat

Get in touch with our friendly awesome staff today on 0482 701 321 about any of our Australian made products. We are in from Monday – Friday from 9 am to 4 pm or fill out our contact form HERE.

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Our Australian made trampolines are selling out fast! 

Our Topline Australian made trampolines are selling out at a rapid pace with only a few models left as our trampolines are quality, built to Olympic standards! With our current stock selling fast please order now before it is too late. They bring great enjoyment to the family. 

The reason our Australian made trampolines are selling quickly!  

Our trampolines are a fantastic way to get your whole family off the couch and into some action! You can have endless fun with this great gift this summer! Plus don’t forget that NASA has mentioned trampolining is one of the best physical fitness activities to do. Just saying! 

Do you need more information?

Our trampolines are a great gift for your kids this Christmas or any time of the year! But, they can sell out fast, so if you plan on getting one, be sure to order now or by calling in. 

Get in touch with our friendly awesome staff today on 0482 701 321 about any of the models that are left. We are in from Monday – Friday from 9 am to 4 pm or fill out our contact form HERE. The team will be back in touch with you as soon as possible about your trampoline model!

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Get your Australian made trampolines for Christmas

We want you to be happy and bouncing this Christmas with our Olympic Australian made trampolines! These are in high demand across the country from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Australia-wide.

Freight companies will be experiencing increased demand due to the Christmas rush. To help avoid any delays we recommend ordering your Topline Trampoline as soon as possible.

Why order your Trampolines for Christmas early? 

Ideally, Santa needs despatch early! Our Trampolines are large bulky/overlength road freight (5-7 Items) and takes longer than normal – especially interstate when transferring via several depots/agents along the way. It may be a long journey for Santa but will be worth it for a Topline Trampoline! 

Need more Information?  

Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff today on 0482 701 321 from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. We have been manufacturing for decades. You can buy with confidence when you shop the best trampolines for sale from a local manufacturer.

Don’t forget if you have one of our trampolines at home or if you are planning on getting one for this Christmas, share your flying shots on our Facebook page!

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Awesome Olympic Trampoline Facts

Who doesn’t like some interesting Olympic trampoline facts?! Well, the 2000 Summer Olympics were the first to feature trampolining as an official sport, and it’s been enjoyed by athletes around the world ever since. Several high-profile athletes campaigned tirelessly and successfully so they could compete on such a world stage! It just so happens we stock Olympic trampolines

Fact 1: The inventor of the trampoline always wanted it to become an Olympic event.

George Nissen, the man who created Mister Kangaroo, was a big supporter of trampolining as an Olympic sport. Even after he stopped making and selling trampolines, he campaigned for years to make his dream a reality. In 2000, when trampolining became an Olympic event, he attended the games with his daughter Dian. 

Fact 2: Trampolinists always wear special footwear 

Professional trampolinists avoid getting rugburn by wearing special socks or jump shoes.

Fact 3: Scoring is based on three factors

In order to win, competitors must perform certain moves in a set time. Points are given for difficulty and deducted when mistakes are made. This is added together with the “time of flight” score that is measured by a machine (introduced as an official metric in 2011)

Fact 4: There are two event categories, individual & synchronised. 

The “synchronized” event was introduced into the world championships in 1966 and has been part of the Olympic games since 2000.

We love these Olympic trampoline facts as it makes us relate to the products we have such as our Olympic inground trampoline. Which are large, durable, and sure to provide everyone hours of outdoor fun! Contact us with questions or to discuss installing trampolines inground at home.

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NASA Confirmed, Trampolines are the best for physical activity.

We can’t deny that when research is conducted by NASA, they are on the cutting edge of research and technology. So when the NASA experts discovered that trampoline is the best workout for their astronauts to keep in shape, we know it is the real deal! 

Trampoline physical activity is better than running, plus fun! 

The most comprehensive and effective form of physical activity is a trampoline. Experts from NASA reported that it’s 68% more than running! Of course, we need to distinguish between playground style and Olympic-grade trampolines.

The reason is that it is not so hard on your knees & ankles. Jumping on a trampoline is the best solution for low-risk injury to your body and is generally much safer. 

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions about your trampoline today!

Get our proudly Australian made trampolines this Christmas

The best way for kids to enjoy the summer holidays is with our beautiful Olympic trampolines this Christmas! For your trampoline to arrive on time this summer, it will be best to order early to avoid the freight Christmas rush issues. We want our Australian trampolines to light up your summer!  So if you want a bouncy, sturdy, long-lasting, Olympic, gymnastic-grade trampoline delivered to your door, look no further. 

We love the support we get from our amazing customers. The reason is our sturdy, last-lasting and bouncy trampolines are made and manufactured here in Australia, now for nearly 60 years! 

Why is it important to order Trampolines this Christmas early?

NOTE: To secure our Olympic trampolines for Christmas and avoid freight issues, we will need to ensure all despatches for our interstate customers leave very early! Leaving it too late there are no guarantees a freight company will deliver on time ( our trampolines are “bulk over length” freight 5-7 items) … special handling for Santa, so please order early” 

Do you need more information?

We can help! Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff today on 0482 701 321, Monday – Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Another way is to fill out our contact form HERE. The team will be back in touch with you as soon as possible about trampolines this Christmas!

Health Benefits of Trampolining

The health benefits of trampolining are amazing! It is an intensive workout that strengthens and stimulates your muscles and immune system.

1. Builds muscle and tones it

The more you bounce, the stronger your whole body will become. You can build muscle strength and tone quickly by doing this activity!

2. High-Intensity workout for calorie burn

Trampolining is a high-intensity workout that will help you lose weight. The intense nature of jumps means your body has to work harder after exercising, which speeds up its repair cycle and allows for continued burning off calories long after the exercise itself ends.

3. Improves balance and hand-eye coordination

By practising this motion regularly, you will strengthen your body awareness. You’ll develop greater balance and coordination which helps take control of where both hands or legs should be placed when bouncing.

4. Strengthens your bones

Trampolining is a low impact sport that can improve your balance, coordination and bone health. It also works to strengthen joints while stimulating new muscle production in the process!

There are many benefits to buying a trampoline. Contact Topline today to learn more about our Australian-made products and what they can do for you.

Our Olympic inground trampolines are large, durable, and sure to provide your family with hours of outdoor fun! Contact us with questions or to discuss installing trampolines inground at home.

Back in stock!

Good news for August. All of our models are now back in stock! As the weather is starting to warm up a touch, we are ready for all your trampoline needs! 

Look at our trampolines here

We have been busy preparing our trampolines to be back in stock for online and we are so excited about the amount of joy they will bring to you. 

Topline Trampolines has been trading for nearly 60 years, and we are still going strong thanks to all Australian families who support us! Topline Trampolines is your go-to shop for quality, bouncy, sturdy Trampolines made in Brisbane and freighted anywhere in Australia to your front door.

5 reasons to winter trampoline!

As the weather cools down and gets chilly, it’s only normal to be indoors more during winter.  We have a few reasons why a winter trampoline is a great way for your family to have fun!

1. Winter Trampoline is a great exercise

Trampolining is great for at-home cardio workout. There are heaps of health benefits. Do you know 10 minutes on the trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of running? This will help keep your body healthy in winter.

2. Low impact on the body

Trampolining has a much lower impact on your body as there are no sudden stops, steps and landings for your joints, cartilage and vertebrae. Trampolines provide low stress for your body at the same time keeping you fit.

3. It warms you up from a winter trampoline!

Trampolining is an excellent winter and cooler weather activity. Bundle up and go for a bounce on a chilly winter afternoon. This is an amazing way to warm up and get your blood pumping!

4. Children are engaged in the outdoors

They have done research with children and found that learning & playing in a natural environment makes them more motivated, focused and active. This is an opportunity to create positive associations between playing, learning and outside this winter. 

5. Creating good energy 

As with most exercises, it creates a positive effect on our state of mind. This will put you and your children in a positive mood and enjoy the winter weather and not be tucked inside during the cooler temperatures.

Get your winter trampoline!

A trampoline is a great investment this winter with our Australian-made and designed Olympic trampolines. They are large and durable to last through all conditions. We hope it encourages your kids to go outside and be active for hours, even this winter!

Contact our team on 0482 701 321 to discuss trampoline care this season, or place an order here!

Trampoline care from this Autumn into Winter

Winter is upon us soon! Those chilly days and nights will jump into your daily routine darn quickly. A trampoline is great for winter as great exercise and the fresh air works wonders for the soul.  Now is a great time to trampoline care for this winter!

Our top tip:

Here is a  tip for trampoline care to keep it perfect this winter.

Inspect the frame, springs and jumping pad from time to time

  • It is important to make sure the winter weather isn’t doing unexpected damage to your trampoline. This is preventative damage checking. This goes for all year round to check the trampoline for any damage.

Get yours today this winter!

Our Australian made and designed Olympic trampolines are large, durable and encourage your kids can go outside and be active for hours, even this winter!

Contact our team on 0482 701 321 to discuss trampoline care this season, or place an order here!