All quality Australian made – our EPIC point of difference!

We have a selection of Australian made rectangle replacement mats going back some 60 years with Topline Trampolines! If you have a sturdy old Australian frame, we can help with replacement mats and springs. Note, it is definitely worth it to keep your old Aussie frames up and running as they are far superior to any chinese import. Before making an order, be sure to check what system your mat has. The reason is that Australian & Chinese mats use different wiring systems. Just be aware of this as you may need to require additional parts/wire bars

Bounce on Topline’s Olympian Competition Ultimate 2 String Woven Mats /Beds

We have the ultimate trampoline mat for you, look no further than our Olympic competition gymnastic 2 string woven mats/beds. These yellow 2 string trampoline mats are woven with strong terylene string on a loom, then painted for UV protection and wear & tear (many other colours available!). This type of mat is much less air-resistant than the standard black polymesh mat, providing a more responsive and faster bounce, which is needed in competitions. These mats are the preferred choice of athletes or advanced users and can last for 20-30 years with proper maintenance. 

Topline trampolines make top quality Australian made trampoline parts.

Spring pads – Visually appealing & protection!

Spring pads are an essential safety measure and a visual enhancement for your Topline Trampoline. They act as protection from harm while jumping on the mat; tie them around the frame to securely lock them in place. Please take measurements from the outer frame of your Topline Trampoline for width and length before purchasing.

Choose from the OPTION Box:

Outer Frame Size 500 x 280-290cm  Green Aussie-Made pads $980 – Our Pro Jumbo size

Outer Frame Size 445 x 245-255cm Green Aussie-Made pads $950 – Our Olympic Std size

Outfit your trampoline with our quality and supremely durable rectangular spring pads! They feature a robust PVC cover with high density foam inside about thick 20mm foam padding. The 40cm width (minimum) means you can safely cover both springs and frame of our models.  Each pad comes in 4 rectangle pieces that easily velcro together before zip-tying onto the frame. Enjoy years of epic bouncing fun knowing everything is securely protected by these quality Australian made long lasting and top notch pads.

Suitable for all our above ground Topline made Trampolines – for inground models PVC Pads only suitable with a 2 string mat

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