Australian Made Trampolines For Sale

Looking for Australian-made trampolines for sale can be very tricky, as most companies import them from Asia, (however they don’t advertise that!).  

NOTE: For Christmas deliveries, your Trampoline will need to be despatched by 29th October!  Our Trampolines are bulk overlength road freight, 5-7 Items. Freight companies are experiencing a huge increase in demand with Covid factors impacting and longer delivery times… to help avoid any freight delays or missing items, please order for despatch by 29th October… much later and there are no guarantees Santa will be on time. Check out more information about Christmas deliveries here.

What is different about us?

Here at Topline, we have been proudly supplying Australian made trampolines for over 50 years, to places like Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and many more cities around Australia.

So saying “Australian owned” or “Australian business” does not mean the products are Australian made. 

However, here at Topline, we are proud to say we have been manufacturing trampolines in Queensland for nearly 60 years!

Recently we have moved factories from Gold Coast to Brisbane. So if you are looking for a quality, bouncy, Aussie trampoline, made right here, check out trampolines for sale here!

If you would like to know more about what trampolines for sale we have on offer, then please give the team a call or just shoot us an email

What trampolines are for sale?

Our yellow 2 string trampoline mats are made with terylene string which is woven on a loom and then painted for UV protection and wear and tear.

This type of mat is a lot less air-resistant than the standard black polymesh mat, therefore gives a more responsive and faster bounce.

This fast bounce is needed in competitions whereby each competitor needs to get to their height very quickly.

2 string trampoline mats have been used in clubs, gymnasiums and trampoline competitions since trampolines were invented.

It is the ultimate mat – the preferred choice by athletes or advanced users. Each mat can last up to 20 to 30 years if cared for with proper maintenance/repainting, otherwise, the lifespan is reduced.

Australian Made is very important for bounce and quality! These mats can only be fitted to the frames they were engineered for, Eg Aussie-made Olympic trampolines

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