Replacement mats for all trampolines

When it comes to enjoying a wonderful trampolining experience, nothing is more important than replacing mats when needed.

Of course, being a trampoline business, we’re always going to say keep your trampoline in top nick – but we do sincerely mean it.

You’ll get better results with a fresh trampoline replacement mat if the old one has seen its fair share of bouncing kids (and big kids!), along with seasons of rain, hail and sunshine.

We’ve got you covered

As you might know, most regular backyard trampolines have the Black Poly Mat. With our replacement mat templates going back some 50 years, so we’ll almost certainly have your rectangle trampoline replacement mat.

With our replacement trampoline mats, because they use the wire bar system, you can re-use them if your old mat has the wires inside. Of course, if you’re missing them we sell 10 packs of replacement wires bars at a low, low price.

If your old mat has Chinese triangle attachments, it means you need to buy our mat with a full set of wires. Click here for full measurement instructions.

Of course, you can also contact us for guidance if it gets difficult.

Bear in mind that with our great quality black jumping Australian trampoline replacement mats, are ensured with our 2 year Topline warranty.

Note: Please keep in mind, as we are a small Australian company, we do not work with big manufacturing lines so it may take a day or so for us to make your mat. Plus, depending on the destination, this can also take a small amount of time for delivery. For a more detailed time frame, please contact our team.

New trampolines an option

If that old trampolines is beyond repair and a new one is needed, we have a full range of great quality trampolines ready to go. See our full range here.

Our yellow 2 string trampoline mats are made with terylene string which is woven on a loom and then painted for UV protection and wear and tear.

This type of mat is a lot less air-resistant than the standard black polymesh mat, therefore gives a more responsive and faster bounce.

2 string trampoline mats have been used in clubs, gymnasiums and trampoline competitions since trampolines were invented – these can last up to 30 years!

We love to help! So, if you simply want to chat with one of our knowledgeable experts on the best trampoline for you, contact us here.