In-Ground Pro Jumbo Aussie Trampoline, Black Poly or Yellow 2 String Mat


Our in-ground trampolines come with frame, mat, springs and optional padding.  Choose Options below for prices. The online freight quotes are accurate to most postcodes, however if it seems excessive please contact us to check price first.

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Topline Brand Warranty

Our In-ground olympic trampolines require that you build your own own pit and a very sturdy retaining wall.  Please arrange quotes and construction from your local Builder or Landscape Gardener, who are best equipped to do this sort of construction.

Aussie-made here in our Qld Factory !

Weight capacity of this trampoline is 150 kg.


The in-ground frame is Aussie-made, galvanised steel, round tube 2.3 mm thick and 50mm diameter.

Outer tube measurement –  length 5.00 m  x  width  2.80 m  (must sit on top of retaining wall).

With 16 welded lugs around the outer edge – another 40 mm.  These bolt DOWN into the top of your retaining wall.

The long sides have 37 springs each, and the short sides have 19 springs each.  Total of 112 x 10 inch springs.

Mat size will be 427 x 213 cm (9.095 sq/m) (14ft x 7ft)


The pit must be at least 1m deep.

The top edge of the retaining wall must be MINIMUM 120mm wide to accommodate the 50mm round tube plus 40mm lugs, which must sit on top of a very sturdy retaining wall and bolt down.

Inner wall measurement:  4900 x 2700 mm


PHOTOS & INFORMATION SUPPLIED HERE IS A GUIDE – Contact us if you would like more information

Retaining Wall needs to be well built and strong, according to your individual soil type and well clear of garden beds, trees, etc.

Preferably with drainage at bottom of hole, depending on soil type, to prevent hole filling up with water.

Retaining all should be well built, and the frame should sit on top of retaining wall.


Frame sits on retaining wall. See the lugs around the edge which bolt down into the top of retaining wall.

Frame sits on retaining wall. See the lugs around the edge which bolt down into the top of retaining wall.

Yellow, 2 String competition / gymnastic Mat (stock item)

Mat size will be 427 x 213 cm (14 x 7 ft) (9.095 sq/m)

The 2 string gymnastic / professional mat is made with terylene string, woven on a loom, then painted for UV protection wear & tear etc – Yellow (or Green sometimes avail….other colours can be custom ordered). This type of mat has a lot less air-resistance than the black polymesh material, so it gives a fast, responsive bounce much better than any other backyard trampoline.  These mats are used in trampoline competitions, clubs and gymnasiums and is the ultimate trampoline mat usually purchased by trained or advanced users – as in competition they need to get to their height very quickly.  Be aware the strings are very easily damaged by sharp objects eg: shoes, fallen branches, even pets claws etc and also ensure the springs always evenly tensioned.  Any of these actions can easily break the strings and replacement mats are very expensive.  Important note!  For our current rubber-based painted mats, (selling since Aug 2014)  re-paint every 3  years. 

(For our older style water-based painted mats which were sold prior to 2014…. re-paint once yearly or twice if in full sun or used excessively  (available at all paint retailers).

Black Poly Mat

This model also comes with a black polymesh mat and probably better for an in-ground application because it is more “family friendly”. Combined with our quality frame and 112 Ten inch aussie springs, it will give a much higher bounce than any regular backyard trampoline. We use Marine Industrial thread for the hem, the stitching should last up to 7 years.

Spring Pads

Spring pads cover the springs and frame of the trampoline and offer some degree of protection from injury and also act as a visual enhancement for the jumping mat.

$980 green marine carpet pads fit our Pro Jumbo and Olympic Trampolines nicely.  Foam strips attach onto the steel frame and secure with straps. Then Marine Carpet covers the frame as well as the springs. These are a neat fit, very quiet and lightweight.  These pads do not affect the airflow for In-ground applications, so are suitable for both Black poly mat and 2string mat models.   Our In-Ground carpet version can tent-peg into the soil. However we recommend you screw the carpet into your retaining wall, please source the screws required for your retaining wall type. We supply standard tent pegs, you may need to source a different type depending on your soil.  The marine carpet strips go 5-10 cm past the edge of the frame, to enable screwdown or pegging.

$1,060 – Green PVC covered foam pads – not really suitable for Inground applications with black poly mat, best suits the 2string mat models

$1,380 – A third alternative we can offer are Black Rubber pads, these will only suit the 2string mat models.  Please contact us for more information on these as prices could have changed for these.

Available in:

  • Above-Ground – Pro Jumbo Frame – 5m long x 2.8m wide
  • Above-Ground – Olympic Standard Frame – 4.45m long x 2.65m wide
  • In-Ground – Pro Jumbo Frame – 5m long x 2.8m wide
  • In-Ground – Olympic Standard Frame – 4.45m long x 2.48m wide

Box Sizes

The total package weight (with spring pads) is 95 kg (six items) (all items may not arrive on the same day)

  • Item 1 – 25kg – 424 x 10 x 5 cm – Metal Side bars strapped together
  • Item 2 – 20kg – 285 x 48 x 12 cm – Metal  End bars strapped together
  • Item 3 – 17kg box – 30 x 28 x 18 cm – Box of 56 springs
  • Item 4 – 17kg box – 30 x 28 x 18 cm – Box of 56 springs
  • Item 5 – 7 kg box – 64 x 56 x 14 cm – Black Poly Mat
    • or 14kg box – 80 x 40 x 20cm –  2string Mat

Spring pads:

  • Item 6 – 15 kg box – 210 x 40 x 18 cm – Bag: Green PVC Pads
    • …..Or Marine Carpet Style Pads:
    • Item 6:  5 kg – 63 x 63 x 22 cm Box – Foam Kit
    • Item 7:  8 kg – 75 x 75 x 40 cm White Bag – Marine Carpet


Before use, it’s very important that these instructions are read and fully understood.

  • Allow only one performer at a time on the trampoline. (two or more performers create additional risks of injury that may result from collisions, being bounced off the trampoline and unexpected responses from the trampoline mat).
  • Do not allow any bystanders / on-lookers to sit on (or lean against) the trampoline frame (whilst the trampoline is in use) or interfere with the performer using the trampoline.
  • Carry out a safety check on the trampoline and surrounding area to ensure that all components of the trampoline (- frame, springs, mat and padding) are in good repair and properly fitted. Also check there are no obstructions overhead, underneath or surrounding the trampoline, before use of trampoline is allowed.
  • Ensure the trampoline is free of any debris.
  • Use the trampoline only with mature, knowledgeable supervision.
  • Do not use the trampoline when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Remove heavy footwear – shoes, boots etc.
  • Remove all loose articles from your person (eg jewellery, spectacles, false teeth, coins etc.).
  • Climb on and off the trampoline. Do not bounce off the trampoline onto the ground.
  • Do not use the trampoline as a springboard to or from other objects.
  • Learn the fundamental bounces and body positions thoroughly before attempting any advanced manoeuvres.
  • Avoid bouncing too high or for too long. Maintain control at all times.
  • Focus your eyes on the trampoline.
  • Stop your bounce by flexing your knees as your feet come into contact with the mat surface.
  • Always bounce in the centre of the mat.
  • Avoid bouncing when tired.
  • Do not use the trampoline in wet or windy conditions.
  • Do not attempt or allow advanced manoeuvres (eg somersaults), without professional training, additional safety equipment and strict supervision.
  • Secure the trampoline against unauthorised and / or unsupervised access.

If you have any questions on trampolines, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Topline Brand WarrantyChoose our Topline Brand Trampoline parts – these are quality Australian made products with all replacements available for purchase separately.

Keep in mind, parts availability is an important factor when choosing a Trampoline because 99%  are now imported with only basic backup replacement parts available from the sellers.

Topline Warranty

  • 5 yrs on the frames for our Aussie-made pro jumbo and Olympic rectangle
  • 2 years on black poly mats
  • 2 years on yellow 2 string mats (current rubber-based)
  • 2 years on marine carpet spring pads for our pro jumbo and olympic std rectangle
  • 2 years on our green PVC spring pads.

Handy Hints

When your trampoline is not going to be used for a long period it is best stored out of the weather if possible.

Your trampoline mat always has a use, when it has served its time on the trampoline, don’t throw it away. It makes excellent weed matting in the garden, under your chip bark etc.

If it’s not too hard to handle, your trampoline can be turned on its side (rectangle only) secured  and used as a giant chalkboard.

Spring / frame pads not only help prevent injury but serve as a visual witness to identify the boundaries when bouncing. Usually they are a bright definitive contrasting colour to the black mat and the surrounding ground colour.