We make proudly Australian made trampolines!

Topline Trampolines has been proudly manufacturing Australian made trampolines in Queensland since 1965. We have been supporting local jobs and the wider community in Brisbane. That is right, we have been creating trampolines for over 50 years here in Queensland.

Australian Made has established an annual event. It is to support, educate and encourage all Australians to participate and do their bit to buy Australian Made products and support Australian businesses and manufacturers.

Here at Topline Trampolines, we have created trampolines representing the green & gold! Proud to be Australian, the trampolines are sturdy, long-lasting and very bouncy.

Purchase Australian Made products this week (June 6 -12) to give back to Aussie businesses!

Australian made trampolines that durable and last longing.

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Our Olympic above ground and inground Australian made trampolines are large, durable and encourage your kids to go outside and be active for hours. We are a company you can trust using the highest quality materials with rigorous quality control.

Contact our team on 0482 701 321 to discuss which Australian made trampoline is perfect for your family, or place an order here!