Understanding Trampoline Mats and Other Essential Parts

A new trampoline can be lots of fun! Once you assemble it, your equipment will be ready to go. Over time, parts can begin to weaken, become damaged, or fail. No matter how high-end your model is, you will eventually have to take steps to keep it performing at optimum levels. The first step is to familiarise yourself with trampoline mats, springs, netting, and other essential parts that may need to be replaced.

Trampoline Mats

The trampoline mat is a woven surface that covers the top of the trampoline. This is the fabric that you jump on each time you use it. If this part develops holes, tears, snags, or excessive wear, you may need to buy a replacement.

Trampoline Pads

Trampoline pads are another important part that is necessary for safety. Also known as a spring pad, this component is made of a lightweight, heavy-duty material that covers the springs. It sits on top of the springs and frame, surrounding the mat area. The pad is required to prevent bouncers from landing on the springs and getting pinched or injured. They also add fun colour to your backyard.

Springs and Wires

The springs and wires are used to connect the mat to the frame. They provide that fun bounce and help protect your body when using the trampoline. This occurs through slowed energy transfer. The springs slow the way energy is absorbed by the body when you jump, reducing the risk of injury. That’s why you should always use springs that are long enough and made with high-quality materials.


Many households add netting to their trampoline as a safety precaution. This is recommended for young children. Supports extend up from the frame to secure a layer of strong netting. This helps catch bouncers so that they don’t fall off the trampoline.

Other Replacement Parts

Other parts are necessary to construct a trampoline, including steel tubes, leg extensions, and “T” junction parts. If you have questions or notice problems with yours, let us know.

The experts at Topline bring over 50 years in the business. We can answer questions and guide you to the best replacement parts at low prices. Whether you need trampoline pads, mats, netting, or springs, we can help. Call us at 0482 701 321 or browse our online range for more information.