DIY Your Old Trampoline

Have you just upgraded to a professional-grade Topline Trampoline and have a spare, old trampoline lying around? Don’t throw it away! Upcycle! Ever wanted a chicken coop? Or a trendy greenhouse? We never want a trampoline to go to waste, so we’ve found some nifty DIY ideas for your old tramp.

Veggie Garden

All you need are retainer bricks, soil and some seeds!
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An Outdoor Movie Screen

Perfect for those summer nights
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Chicken Coop

Who doesn’t love eggs?
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Soccer Goal

From one sport to another.
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So, get your tool box out and your DIY cap on. Don’t let a trampoline go to waste.

If you’re after a brand new, Olympic-grade trampoline, go to the Topline Trampoline website and browse our range, or give one of our experts a call.