Trampolines Inground vs. Above Ground: Which is the Best for My Family?

Trampolines are a fun way to stay fit and entertain the whole family. If you are thinking about adding one to your backyard, you’re in luck. There are many models available. The first thing to consider is whether trampolines inground are better than above ground for your household!

What Is an Inground Trampoline?
When you think about trampolines, you probably envision one that is above ground. This would be a model that is set up on the ground so that you can see the entire frame – including the legs. The mat is elevated so that bouncers have to climb onto it. It’s relatively easy to set up and requires no additional excavating or landscaping.
If you want to use trampolines inground, then you will need to dig a pit. This should be at least 1 meter deep with adequate drainage to prevent water from pooling inside. You will also need to construct a retaining wall around the sides. Once it is set up, you can walk onto the mat without climbing up onto the frame because it sits at ground level.

Setting Up the Trampoline
To set up an above-ground model, you’ll need a level space with no obstacles. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and you’re ready to bounce.
Inground trampolines will require more setup. Once you have dug a pit, you will need to line it with a sturdy retaining wall that’s at least 120 mm wide. This keeps dirt from falling in and will support the fame, which will be bolted onto the wall.

How Does the Trampoline Look?
When it comes to aesthetics, inground trampolines are a definite winner. The extra work pays off because the equipment has a lower profile. It blends better with its surroundings and looks more inviting. You can work in decorative landscaping near or around the trampoline to add even more visual appeal.

Trampoline Safety & Performance
Trampolines inground win when it comes to overall safety. There’s more freedom when stepping on to the mat or dismounting. Children will feel less intimidated than they do climbing onto an above ground setup. Proper safety precautions should be applied no matter how you install your trampoline. There’s always the risk of falling. However, an inground model can reduce the risk of height-related injuries.

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