Regular Trampoline Maintenance

We’re often asked about the maintenance necessary to properly look after a trampoline.

The upkeep of your trampoline is actually quite easy!

Every now and then, remove the legs (also known as spreader bars) and check for signs of rust. If it’s all OK, spray with a rust inhibitor and put the legs back on.

If the mat surface becomes dirty, you can clean it with cold water only.  Don’t use detergents, soaps or any other products to clean the mat as it will decrease the durability and life-span of the mat.

Keep an eye on your trampoline – check for signs of wear and tear or damage. If springs or the mat need replacing, do it sooner rather than later to keep it as safe as possible.

And finally, if your Topline Trampoline won’t be used for a long period, it’s best stored out of the weather.

So that’s it!  These are all very small, easy things that won’t take too long – but if you keep up with them you can greatly improve the lifespan of your trampoline.

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