Top 3 Trampoline Safety Tips

We understand some parents worry about the safety of a backyards trampoline. So we thought we would list our top 3 tips for trampoline safety. Trampolines are fun and certainly safe should your kids follow Some simple saftey rules and tips.

The following are some simple tips to help your kids bouncing injury free:

Tip 1 – 1 person at a time

Having only one bouncer at a time means no collisions and no risk of double bouncing. Be sure to remind your kids of this fact if you ever see two or more bodies bouncing.

Tip 2 – Bounce in the middle

Bouncing in the very centre of your trampoline is the safest place. It’s also the most bouncy!

Tip 3 – Take care of your trampoline

Take care of your trampoline and replace any parts if they are looking a bit sad. This is very important and often overlooked, but make sure you are ontop of it! Now is the perfect time to order a new mat, or replace those pads as it isn’t long now until the Christmas break holidays.

Contact our friendly team today for more information and keep bouncing happily!