The Benefits of Installing Trampolines Inground!

Installing trampolines inground is a big investment. Above ground models are easier to set up because there’s no excavating or construction required.

You find a level spot, assemble the parts, and they are ready to go. Inground models, on the other hand, require more time and money.

However, there are several good reasons to go this route. Why should you consider installing your next trampoline inground?

Inground Trampolines are Safer

Installing trampolines inground is a good choice when it comes to safety. The low position means that there is a shorter distance to fall.

Most accidents occur when the bouncer accidentally jumps off the mat and lands on the ground at a high rate of speed.

Inground models are already at ground level, so the body doesn’t gain as much momentum before it hits the ground.

This reduces the risk and severity of an injury should an accident happen.

Easier to Get On and Off the Trampoline

Putting your trampolines inground makes them more accessible. You won’t need to climb up onto the frame or use a ladder to get on top of the mat.

Everything is at ground level so you can step on and start jumping. When you’re done, you can walk off.

This is a helpful benefit for parents with children who will use the trampoline.

Just remember to monitor kids when trampolining. Safety netting can be installed to prevent children from climbing on while someone else is jumping.

Inground Means Less Maintenance

If you want something that’s low maintenance, then installing trampolines inground should be considered.

The parts are not as exposed to the elements like they are with an above-ground model.

The frame is hidden, which reduces the chances of rust forming. Trampoline parts are strong, but they don’t last forever.

Snow build-up on the mat and other conditions can cause damage no matter how you install yours.

Talk to an expert at Topline Trampolines for recommendations and advice that will extend the life of your equipment.

Learn More About Installing Trampolines Inground

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