Stretching Your Back for Trampoline

Like any sport, stretching before and after is extremely important. Not only does it prevent injury, but it also helps with the repair and development of the muscles.

For trampoline, in particular, it is important to stretch your abdominal and lower back muscles after a tramp session. Not sure how to do it? We’re here to tell you how!

Step One

Face down, get yourself into a plank position with your forearms holding you up, parallel underneath your shoulders. Keep your back flat.

Step Two

For 10 seconds, contract and hold your gluteus muscles.

Step Three

Lifting your right arm, straighten it, pointing ahead. Hold for 10 seconds.

Step Four

Return to the start position.

Step Five

Repeat with opposite arm.

Step Six

Return to start position.

Step Seven

In the same kind of motion, lift your right leg off the ground and hold for 10 seconds.

Step Nine

Return to start position.

Step Ten

Repeat with opposite leg.

Step Eleven

Return to start position.

Step Twelve

Lift your right arm and left leg in the same motion. Hold for 10 seconds.

Step Thirteen

Lower and repeat with opposite arm and leg.

Now pain, be gone! Do this stretch after every trampoline session and your abdominal and lower back muscles will thank you forever.

If you experience sudden or ongoing pain, please see your doctor.

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