Quick Overview of the Yellow, 2 String Mat

We get a lot of questions about the Yellow 2 String Mat and its advantages, so we have put together a quick overview for you.

The Yellow 2 string mat are made with terylene string which is woven on a loom and then painted for UV protection. This mat is a lot less air-resistant than the stock standard black polymesh mat, so it gives a more responsive and higher bounce than any other backyard trampoline.

These are the mats used in trampoline competitions, clubs and gymnasiums. It is the ultimate trampoline mat usually purchased by athletes or advanced users.

Care and Maintenance

The mat can last up to 20 years if cared for with proper maintenance, otherwise the lifespan can be reduced to approximately 4 years.

These strings can be very easily damaged by sharp objects including shoes, fallen branches and pet claws. It is also important to ensure the springs are always evenly tensioned. Not properly caring for the mat can break the strings and replacement mats are very expensive.

Mats should be re-painted once yearly or twice if it is in full sun or used excessively. Our rubber-based painted mats, (selling since Aug 2014) are to be re-paint every 3 years. An un-painted mat will only last a couple of years, so be sure to repaint!

Did you know that these mats can also be purchased in Blue and Green? They are made to order which can take up to 4 to 5 weeks!!