In Ground Trampolines

Even with 50 years trading experience in the industry, safety is our number one priority here at Topline. That’s why we are compliant and insured!

In ground trampolines can be great for families, especially if you’ve got the space. Here’s some benefits to an in ground trampoline you might not have realised:

  • Safer for the kids – no falling off and getting hurt.
  • Keep your yard looking clean and tidy
  • Prevent your trampoline blowing away and getting damaged in crazy weather
  • And, apparently are very useful for adults who’ve had a little too much to drink at the family BBQ (let’s face it – we’ve all been there)

Olympic Standard trampolines are perfect for in ground installation, as they last the distance and have loads more bounce! 

For the perfect gift from Santa, please order or lay-by as early as possible – these sell out fast! August/September lay-by is advised. To eliminate freight delays, these need to be dispatched no later than 20th November for interstate deliveries.

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