Give The Gift Of Bouncing This Christmas

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this Christmas, tis’ the season to be jolly and everyone deserves to experience the joy that a Topline Trampoline brings..

The trampoline offers something for everyone — your energetic preschooler, your gymnast-wannabe, or parents who want their kids doing something besides playing video games. Did we mention they don’t run on batteries?! They won’t go out of style as soon as the latest version is launched, and they’re simply irresistible. A trampoline is the perfect Christmas gift for the entire family, building memories with every bounce.

If you aren’t already convinced, here’s 5 reasons you should give the gift of bouncing this Christmas:

Great Gift for Multiple Kids

As if the holiday season isn’t already expensive and stressful enough, Christmas gifting can become even more heavy on the wallet when buying for multiple children. Why not kill two birds with one stone and purchase a tramp fit for an entire family. Cost effective, fair and fun!

Usable All Year Round

Deflating the blow up pool and packing away the slip and slide at the end of each Summer can be a little depressing, especially when the kids are begging you to let them continue playing, (despite the 5 degree temps). Trampolines can be set up once and left to enjoy all year round! They won’t go off, won’t go out of fashion and aren’t temperature sensitive – perfect.

Shop Local

Here at Topline Trampolines, we are Aussie Made, Aussie owned, compliant and insured. We are a family business scanning 50 years experience and can guarantee top product quality to take the risk out of buying dodgy gifts that have you lining up at the returns desk on Boxing Day.

Layby & Delivery Available

Take your time to pay off this Christmas gift in the comfort of your own home by simply by ordering and placing a deposit over the phone. Located on the Gold Coast,Topline offers layby and delivery anywhere in Australia! This means no shopping centre car park fights and no packing your Chistmas shopping into our car like a game of tetris – yay!!

Keepin’ It Healthy

A trampoline in your backyard may be just the thing to encourage your kids (and you) to get active! The benefits of bouncing are well documented; not only can it improve fitness, it can increase flexibility, coordination, balance and confidence.