Five Unconventional Ways To Use Your Trampoline

Have you flown the coup and you’re left with their childhood trampoline in your backyard and don’t know what to do with it? Well, don’t worry any longer, we’ve got you covered with Five Unconventional Ways To Use Your Trampoline:

1. Date night star-gazing

Your trampoline is the perfect setting for a post-dinner stargazing with your significant other. All you need is to treat yourself with some chocolate or ice-cream and the night sky would make the ideal backdrop.

2. Backyard camping

If you’ve got a spare mattress lying around or even a yoga mat, why not set up a bed on your trampoline in the backyard? What better way to wake up breathing in the fresh morning air and wake up with the sun? All you need is a few cozy blankets and a good book and you’ll be sound asleep in no time.

3. Get creative with chalk art

Are you tired of the kids drawing on the living room walls? Well, you can instead channel their creative side in the outdoors by providing some simple pieces of chalk to draw on your trampoline mat. This is one way to give your Topline Trampoline a unique look!

4. Find your inner peace with yoga

A trampoline mat makes for a forgiving setting to test out some new yoga poses. You’ll be able to push your body to its limits and if all else fails – just take a nap!

5. Brighten up your backyard with some fairy lights

Invite the neighbours over for a backyard BBQ and create some mood lighting with pretty little fairy lights around the trampoline frame and netting. This will add a little sparkle to your night!