What Exactly Is Trampoline Gymnastics?

Trampoline gymnastics (TRP) is an exciting and different kind of gymnastics for people who want to do something a little bouncier. Why flip and twist and tumble on the floor when you can add some height to it? TRP is a fantastic way to become more aware of your body and its movement; and is a great form of exercise too!

TRP helps develop confident body movement, builds strength and fitness, challenges your body and your mind, and is a fun way to develop your posture and spatial awareness. TRP can be for adults and kids who want to keep fit and have fun; while still having the discipline and focus of a gymnast.

Like every type of gymnastics, there are different disciplines when it comes to competition. They are:


Simple Trampoline is for a solo competitor who performs a routine for judges. There are ten different skills (all of which have varying difficulty) that can be performed. They are judged on the quality in which they are executed and the time of flight (how long you are in the air for).

Synchronised Trampoline

Think synchronised swimming but in the air and without those funny nose-clip things. Synchronised Trampoline entails two competitors bouncing on separate trampolines doing the same routine in perfect unison. Once again, it is judged on the difficulty of the skills performed and the quality (synchronisation).

Double-Mini Trampoline

Double-Mini Trampoline (DMT) is where two skills are performed in a sequence on the DMT bed and the other to dismount from the trampoline.


Tumbling is the same as on a solid surface: backwards and forwards skills going from hands to feet and feet to hands, but on a trampoline.


If you’re looking for a fun and exciting style of gymnastics for yourself or the kids, Trampoline Gymnastics is for you! Improve your health, agility and overall fitness with this fantastic sport.

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