What You Didn’t Know About Trampoline

Trampoline seems like an Olympic staple nowadays, right? But did you know that the sport actually debuted at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games? That doesn’t even seem like that long ago! Here are some other facts you probably didn’t know about trampoline:

Astronauts Use Them

Inventor, George Nissen, originally created the trampoline for trapeze artists and since then, are used in training astronauts. It helps them better understand what their bodies will be like in space.

You’re Basically a Kangaroo

After inventing the trampoline, Nissen rented (yes, rented) a kangaroo after studying its bouncing habits. He wished to bounce on his invention in perfect unison with the kangaroo to publicise his new invention.

Don’t Be Afraid of Heights

If you have a fear of heights, trampoline is not for you. Gymnasts have been recorded up in the air as high as 33 feet (over 10 metres)! Don’t look down!

Don’t Forget to Barani

Like with most sports, there are different words or phrases that mean different things. Tucked, piked, Barani, Cody and Quadriffis are all manoeuvres that can be performed in a trampoline routine.

All 22 Eyes on You

If you’re wanting to compete in trampoline any time soon, just know that there are 11 judges watching and scoring your routine. They judge on height, technique, quality, execution, rhythm, body control and pretty much everything else (even the angle of your limbs!). No pressure.

It’s Great for Your Health!

Trampoline is a fantastic way to improve your overall fitness. It works your cardiovascular system, your muscles, your mind and your spatial awareness. Some say it’s as good for you as running!

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