Benefits Of Trampoline Fitness

According to scientific studies, there are some amazing benefits to getting out there and having a bounce around on your trampoline – on your own or with the kids!

Improved Cardiovascular Health – Studies on both middle aged women and trained athletes proves to us that a significant improvement in cardiovascular fitness can be attained just with regular 30-minute workouts.

Great for Arthritis – Low impact on the joints, and perfect for those that suffer from arthritis, it can help improve flexibility and stiffness in joints.

Increased Leg Strength – Just 30 minutes of rebounding, twice a week can see increases in leg power and strength. This is similar to the form of training increases from gymnasts!

Perceived as EASIER than Traditional Aerobic Exercise – Although heart rates rise significantly, the user of the trampoline does not perceive their own exertion. This suggests that bouncing is more pleasurable and easier to sustain than other forms of cardio exercise.

So next time the kids are out on the Trampoline, or you need some motivation to exercise – go bouncing instead!

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