Quick Tip For Looking After Your Trampoline

I have a quick Handy Hint for you this morning to help look after your topline trampoline!

Over time, water builds up in the leg bases of your Topline Trampoline. It is very important to drain this regularly, to ensure your trampoline stays in tip-top shape. Otherwise, your trampoline legs can rust and wear down at a quicker rate.

We understand that your busy and in reality it’s probably the last thing you’ll ever remember to do.

But to make sure it’s done on a regular basis I have a great handy tip for you! I drain the trampoline legs while mowing the lawn. This way it isn’t another job to do instead it becomes apart of the already existing job.

Instead of moving the trampoline sideways to get the grass underneath, simply tip the trampoline on it’s side.

That way, the built-up water from condensation and seepage can drain out through the sleeve joints.

It’s a great habit to get into – you’re being kind to your trampoline and you’ll actually remember to do it!

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