Five ways trampolines improve your health

With the western population becoming increasingly sedentary, it’s important to find new ways to add exercise into our lifestyle.

That’s where the trampoline comes in. Jumping high, and learning new flips and tricks (with proper training and supervision, of course), makes trampolining irresistible for adults, kids and teens alike, all while offering a host of health benefits. Here’s just a few:


1. Trampolining burns calories.

Trampolines burn calories

Trampolining is a moderately intensive cardiovascular exercise, meaning it increases the heart rate and lung capacity, and in turn, burns calories ­– up to 250 an hour in an adult, to be precise.


2. Regular trampoline exercise increases stamina.


Since trampolining requires both increased oxygen capacity and muscular stamina, doing so regularly improves endurance and overall fitness.


3. It improves muscle tone.

Trampolining improves muscle tone

The repetitive motions of jumping on a trampoline are great for increasing the muscle tone in your legs. You may also find that the flexibility in your calves and thighs increases due to the range of motion required to jump.


4. Moody? Go take a jump.

Lift your spirits by jumping on a trampoline

All the cardiovascular exercise that comes with trampolining releases endorphins, which are the happy hormones that make us all feel good. Next time you’re stressed, sad, or just feel like blowing off some steam, hop on the tramp and get those endorphins coursing through your veins!


5. It improves coordination and balance.

Trampolining improves balance

The bounce and give of a trampoline challenges the body’s balance, and over time, improves general coordination.

Who needs a home gym, when they’ve got a trampoline? Certainly not us!