Essential trampoline accessories that are worth the investment

With school holidays fast approaching, you may be considering buying a trampoline to keep your kids occupied.

But before you do, it’s important to consider safety precautions, many of which can be achieved with basic trampoline accessories. Here are some of our recommendations.

Spring pads


A spring pad is a mat placed around the outside of your trampoline, covering the springs and outer frame. This prevents users from stepping or landing on the frame, and hurting their feet in the process.




Surprisingly, many trampoline injuries are sustained while climbing on and off the jumping mat. Securing a permanent ladder next to your above-ground trampoline makes this process less risky, and easier for small children to hop on independently.


Replacement springs and wires


If your trampoline is getting on in years, make sure you check its spring and wire health. Look out for rust or signs of weakness, and replace accordingly.

Jump on!