Black Mat vs Yellow Mat

We get a lot of questions about the black and yellow mats – people want to know what the difference is between.

We could go into details about the differences but here are two videos that do a pretty good job of showing you the difference between the two mats.

Black Mat

The video below is with the black mat and is from Real Movement Project, near Byron Bay.

Yellow Mat

This video was shot a few years ago, and demonstrates the yellow professional mat.  This is the type of mat used in clubs and gymnasiums, and used for competitions.  It’s a heavy duty mat with a more responsive bounce and greater height.

As you can see in the two videos the Yellow 2 String mats give you a better higher jump as it is used in competitions and in gymnastics. The Black Poly mat is great for families and backyard fun! But there is definitely a difference between the two as you can see.

For more information about the two mats or to enquire about our trampolines please contact our friendly team today!