The Best Trampoline Moments of 2016 Rio Olympics

The trampoline event at last year’s Rio Olympics attracted tight competition from all parts of the globe, with flawless and nail-biting performances by the world’s best.

With standout moments like these, there’s no denying the thrill of watching on as talented athletes show us what can be done on a trampoline.

Rosie MacLennan brings home another gold for Canada

Rosie MacLennan arrived as her country’s flag bearer and left as a two-time gold medal winner. After winning her first gold four years ago, she took a second in last year’s Olympic trampoline event with a breathtaking series of twists, flips and graceful jumps. That’s quite an impressive feat for anyone. No one else has taken more than one gold in the trampoline event since it was introduced back in 2000.


Belarus’ Young Uladzislau Hancharou wins over seasoned athletes

20-year-old Uladzislau Hancharou performed perfectly, maintaining balance and staying in the sweet spot at the centre of the trampoline. He finished with a Double In Double Out, earning a gold for Belarus. Hancharou beat seasoned competitors and ranks as one of the youngest athletes to win an Olympic gold medal in men’s trampoline.


Dong Dong earns a silver for China

Dong Dong started his routine with some serious air, performing twists and flips while maintaining height. His control on each bounce was admirable and something on which many trampolinists work hard for years to achieve. Dong won a bronze in 2008 and a gold in the 2012 London Olympics. This year he took home a silver, completing the set.


Bryony Page is the first Brit to win a trampoline medal

25-year-old Bryony Page may not have taken a gold, but she still returned home proud as the first British athlete to win an Olympic trampoline medal. Her routine included a Double Straight Back with three Full Twists In, a move that few perform in the Olympics. Page herself described the move as one the audience should watch for when viewing her performance this year.


Logan Dooley takes 11th in Men’s Trampoline

Logan Dooley earned the first synchronized trampoline gold for the U.S. with his partner Steven Gluckstein in 2010. He continued to compete, participating in the Nissen Cup in Switzerland and two World Cups, one in Switzerland and one in Portugal. His 2016 Olympic routine included Kick Outs with a Full In Full Out finish. He lost a little height but concluded his performance with a smile.


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