7 Must-Know Tips for Choosing the Right Trampoline

Having a trampoline at home provides hours of fun and recreation, not to mention the numerous health benefits of a high-intensity cardio workout. As a considerable investment, it’s important to choose the right trampoline for your needs, but where do you begin?

Here’s seven things you should know before buying your new trampoline.

How to choose a trampoline

1 – Buy from a Reliable Retailer

A reliable retailer will offer the best product and service. Look for a trampoline seller that has years of experience and offers service options in case there is a problem with your purchase. Buy from sellers who truly know and love their trampolines!

2 – Look for Aussie-Made Trampolines

Look for trampolines that are made in Australia. Supporting local makers ensures that you’re buying an authentic, well-made product. At Topline Trampolines, we manufacture our own large rectangle models right here on the Gold Coast.

3 – Buy with a Warranty

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use it, but having a warranty will give you peace of mind, knowing you’ve bought a product that’s confidently backed by its manufacturer.

The length of time covered may vary for different parts of your trampoline. For example, Topline offers 2 to 5 years on the frames with 6 months on netting, PVC pads, and two-string mats.

4 – Review the Weight Limits

Make sure you know the weight limit on your new trampoline. Some are made specifically for children while others can support adults. Buy a model that can accommodate every user, and plan ahead for weight allowance if you know your kids will still be jumping in their teens.

5 – Measure Your Space

Trampolines are available in all kinds of sizes, so it’s important you measure your available space and choose a model to suit.

6 – Is it Safe?

Look at safety features before you buy a trampoline. The list should include proper padding over springs and a strong frame. If you have children who will be using the trampoline, you may also want to look for a one that includes an enclosure, or buy an enclosure separately.

7 – What About Replacement Parts?

You may have everything you need to assemble your trampoline in the initial purchase, but what happens when parts start to wear out? Look for a seller who carries the parts you may need later on to ensure an easy replacement process. At Topline, you can find all the necessary replacement parts you need to keep your trampoline healthy.

Ready to Buy?

You’ll be pleased to find that Topline ticks all the above boxes. Take a look at our range of Australian-made trampolines and replacement parts online, or visit our warehouse in Molendinar. We’d love to assist you in choosing the perfect trampoline.