7 best trampoline exercises for getting in shape [with video]

Trampoline exercises are a fun way to get fit and stay healthy. What could be better than flying towards the sky with the wind in your hair while your body gets a good workout? Put away the stale fitness videos and start bouncing the blubber away with these trampoline exercises.

High Knees

This simple exercise will give your legs an effective workout. Start in the centre of the trampoline. As you jump, bring one leg up, so your knee moves towards your chest. This move can be combined with the Butt Kicker (see below).

Butt Kicker

The butt kicker exercise is similar to the High Knees, but moves in the opposite direction. As you jump, bend one leg back so your heel moves towards your glutes. You can perform this move alongside the High Knees to get a full leg workout.

Max Jump

When you want to turn things up, add the Max Jump to your trampoline exercise routine. Start by jumping straight up. As you come down on your feet, allow yourself to sink with the trampoline mat. Lower your body into a quarter squat then push off again as the mat rebounds and begins upward momentum. Repeat in sets of 10 with 15 to 30 seconds of small jumps between each set.

Trampoline Star Jumps

Trampoline Star Jumps involve using more of the upper body, which is great for rounding out your routine. Jump up with your arms down and feet together. As you rise, swing your arms and legs out in a traditional Star Jump position. Bring your arms up over your head, then bring your limbs back together as you land and repeat.

Jump and Twist

Jump and Twist is another great trampoline exercise that uses the upper body. To perform this move, start in a similar position as you did with the Star Jumps. This time, raise your arms out, so they are parallel with the ground. As you jump, twist your hips to one side then the other.

Seat Drops

To perform a Seat Drop, start with a jump then land in a sitting position with both legs in front of you and your back straight. Return to a standing position as your body comes up then repeat.

Seat Drops & Twist

If you want to increase your workout’s difficulty, try adding a twist to your Seat Drops. As you rise, twist your hips so your legs point in the opposite direction with your arms swinging up over your head. You’ll end up coming down in another Seat Drop, but this time facing the opposite way.

Here’s a demonstration of some of the moves mentioned in this article, all of which are possible on any size trampoline.

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