5 signs your trampoline needs some TLC


Trampolines are built to last. While they are strong and durable, they still need some maintenance and care every now and again. The more you keep up with part replacements and repairs, the longer your trampoline will last. Proper maintenance will also reduce the amount of money you spend in the long term, so it’s worth it’s while knowing how to identify the signs that your trampoline needs some TLC.

Rust on the frame & other metal parts

Rust is going to happen to anything you leave outdoors. A galvanized frame is a good way to prevent this problem. Models that are galvanized inside and outside are even better, as water can occasionally find its way inside the frame. If you notice rust on the frame, you can usually clean it away. If you find it on a spring, you may be better off replacing the part.


Sagging, fraying or holes in trampoline mats

The mat is obviously an essential part of your trampoline, so its failure could lead to disaster. Signs of an issue may not be immediately apparent until you take a closer look. If the mat seems to sag, has tears, or if you see fraying along the edges, you may need to buy a replacement trampoline mat. Some models, like the two-string mat, require regular repainting to stay functional.


Stretched trampoline springs

The springs are what connects the mat to the frame. They are designed to provide some flexibility while ensuring that the jumper doesn’t hit the ground. Springs that appear stretched out or are starting to lose their shape are another issue to watch out for. All damaged springs should be replaced right away. If this problem remains, it can create an uneven bouncing surface that could damage your mat.


Leaning or uneven trampolines

A trampoline that is set up properly should rest evenly to allow for safe jumping. If you notice that your trampoline is not sitting level, it could mean parts of the frame have bent or started to give. This kind of damage could be the result of an impact or rust. A leaning trampoline should not be used until the necessary repairs are completed to make it stable and level again.

If you’ve identified any of these problems on your trampoline, come to us. We supply the replacement parts that keep your trampoline healthy, and your body bouncing!