Do you need LK Brand Mat?

If the legs of your Trampoline are shaped like the trampoline below, then you will need to order the LK Brand Mat.

LK-matt-type1 LK-matt-type2

Also, check to see what type of mat attachments there are. If there are Wire Bars, INSIDE the Mat Hem, this is an Aussie-made mat. We make our mats here in the Aussie way, using the wire bar system. We feel it is a better system. Just re-use your old wires and re-insert them into the new mat hem. However, if there are metal triangles sewn onto the edge of the mat, this is a Chinese-made mat and you will need to also purchase a whole set of wires.

All of these mats are:

  • Without wires – $85
  • With wires – $99
  • Postage – approx $15

With all mats, you will need to get the mat hem restitched every few years to get a longer lifespan!