Trampoline Enclosure

Don’t Forget the Enclosure When Searching for Trampolines for Sale

Make sure you find everything you need when searching for trampolines for sale. While many sellers offer kits with an enclosure, some do not. If you are a first-time buyer, then you need to know about this essential safety accessory.

What is a Trampoline Enclosure?

The enclosure, or safety net, consists of a length of mesh that extends from the frame. It’s attached to enclosure poles that connect to the legs using claps. These are designed to be strong and sturdy and should keep the net in place without sagging.

The mesh wall can prevent a jumper from accidentally tumbling off the mat. In some cases, it can mean the difference between a minor mistake and a serious injury.

Benefits of a Trampoline Enclosure

Trampoline enclosures can make your backyard a safer place for everyone. Why do you need a net?

  • Falling off the trampoline is one of the common causes of injury. The net can help prevent this by catching jumpers before they fall.
  • Mistakes will happen, especially when children are involved. Planning for mistakes now can save you a lot of potential problems later.
  • Showing that you took all possible safety precautions can be beneficial if you are ever sued as a result of a trampoline injury.
  • Nets help keep pets, wildlife, and debris off the mat. It also prevents others from climbing on while someone is using the trampoline.
  • By forcing jumpers to get on and off from the same spot, the net can prevent a collision should more than one person attempt to get on at a time.

Trampolines for Sale with Enclosures

Trampolines for sale come in a variety of sizes. For example, Topline Trampolines carries three round model sizes. Each requires a different set of enclosure poles and length of netting. You must use the right number of poles for optimum stability. Our small 10-foot round model uses eight poles while our 14-foot round requires 12 poles.

You will find many trampolines for sale online and offline. Make sure the ones you choose come with the enclosure or be prepared to buy one separately. If you are considering second-hand trampolines, be careful. It’s impossible to know if the equipment was maintained, whether it was ever overloaded, and how much general use and abuse it has taken.

You can feel confident about new models because they have never been used. Topline offers a two-year warranty and can provide information on weight limits and care. Contact us today to learn about our replacement netting, enclosure kits, or to ask about trampolines for sale with enclosures.

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