Our new smaller model of gymnastic trampoline called “SKIPPY” – all Australian made, nothing else like it in Australia!

Sold with Marine Carpet Pads.


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This high quality trampoline will out-perform and outlast any other. Suitable for families who do competition trampolining or families who just want a quality, sturdy, bouncy, long lasting trampoline.   Skippy is our smallest model

Frame  – Double Side-bars for extra strength

346 x 239 cm (94cm high)  Aussie made galvanised steel tube 2.3 mm thick, and 50mm diameter

Weight Capacity



Total of 84  (26 x 16) Seven inch galvanised heavy-duty Aussie springs


Mat size: 300 x 183 cm or ( just under 10ft long x 6ft wide) Aussie Made

Yellow, 2 String competition / gymnastic Mat 

The yellow 2 string gymnastic / professional mat is made with terylene string, woven on a loom, then painted for UV protection wear & tear etc. This type of mat has a lot less air-resistance than the black polymesh material, so it gives a more responsive and higher bounce than any other backyard trampoline. These mats are used in trampoline competitions, clubs and gymnasiums and is the ultimate trampoline mat usually purchased by trained or advanced users. Be aware the strings are very easily damaged by sharp objects eg: shoes, fallen branches, even pets claws etc and also ensure the springs always evenly tensioned. Any of these actions can easily break the strings and replacement mats are very expensive. Important note! For water-based painted mats …. re-paint once yearly or twice if in full sun or used excessively (available at all paint retailers). An un-painted mat will only last a couple of years. For our new rubber-based painted mats, (selling since Aug 2014) re-paint every 3 years.

Black Poly Mat

This mat is family friendly and combined with our quality heavy duty frame and 84 seven inch aussie springs, it will give a much higher bounce than any regular backyard trampoline. (Our Black polymesh mats are hem stitched using industrial marine thread which should last up to 7 years)

Spring Pads

  • INCLUDED – Marine Carpet and high density foam, Aussie-made and very long lasting

Spring pads cover the springs and frame of the trampoline and offer some degree of protection from injury and also act as a visual enhancement for the jumping mat. Our Marine Carpet pads are Australian made to fit our Trampolines nicely. EG:  Marine Carpet covers the frame as well as the springs these tie together and also onto the frame – underneath is foam to cushion the frame. These pads are very quiet when trampoline is being bounced on.

Our Aussie Made Trampolines are also available in other sizes:

  • Above-Ground – Pro Jumbo Frame – 5m long x 2.8m wide
  • Above-Ground – Olympic Standard Frame – 4.42m long x 2.55m wide
  • In-Ground – Pro Jumbo Frame – 5m long x 2.8m wide
  • In-Ground – Olympic Standard Frame – 4.45m long x 2.48m wide

Box Size

(all items may not arrive on the same day)

  • Box 1: 115 x 26 x 15 cm (23 kg)
  • Box 2: 115 x 26 x 15 cm (23 kg)
  • Box 3: 90 x 46 x 27 cm (24 kg)
  • Box 4: 108 x 50 x 10 cm ( 23 kg)
  • 93 kg total

How We Build Our Topline Trampolines