Benefits of a Trampoline Inground

Installing trampolines inground is a big investment. Above ground models are easier to set up because there’s no excavating or construction required. You find a level spot, assemble the parts, and they are ready to go. Inground models, on the other hand, require more time and money. However, there are several good reasons to go this route. Why should you consider installing your next trampoline inground?

Installing Trampolines Inground Improves Aesthetics

The trampoline will become a fixture in your yard for most of the year. You and your guests will see it every time you go outside or glance out of a window. Installing trampolines inground offers a more aesthetically pleasing look that won’t take away from the beauty of your home.

The metal legs and frame won’t be visible, which will prevent it from distracting from your backyard decor. You can come up with many ways to visually enhance the area. Add landscaping that follows the shape of the mat.

Some homeowners will even turn a hole from an old swimming pool into a trampoline. It looks nice, creates a useable feature, and won’t require as much excavating.

The more use your trampoline gets, the more the grass around the frame will get stepped on and could begin to die. Adding a ground cover material will prevent this problem and keep your yard looking healthy.

You can combine functionality with safety by distributing a soft playground covering like rubber mulch or artificial grass around the outside of the trampoline.

Easier to Get On and Off of the Trampoline

Putting your trampolines inground makes them more accessible. You won’t need to climb up onto the frame or use a ladder to get on top of the mat. Everything is at ground level so you can step on and start jumping. When you’re done, you can walk off.

This is a helpful benefit for parents with children or people with special needs who will use the trampoline. Just remember to monitor kids when trampolining.

Learn More About Installing Trampolines Inground

There are many benefits to buying a trampoline. Contact Topline today to learn more about our Australian-made products and what they can do for you. Our Olympic inground trampolines are large, durable, and sure to provide your family with hours of outdoor fun! Contact us with questions or to discuss installing trampolines inground at home.

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